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How Linearity Achieved Over 50% Time Savings with Crowdin and Storyblok Integration

5 mins read

AI Translation: No Quality Loss. Linearity Systems Content Localization

Linearity, the leading marketing design platform, has elevated its localization game by seamlessly integrating Crowdin and Storyblok. This strategic alliance has not only streamlined their content localization process but has also significantly enhanced efficiency and user experience.

MT Translation: 3 Times Cheaper, 2 Times Faster, No Quality Loss. Ajax Systems Localization

8 mins read

AI Translation: No Quality Loss. Ajax Systems Content Localization

In the fast-changing global business world, making your message clear in different languages is crucial. Ajax Systems, a tech company, is an excellent example of how smart tech can make this process easier and cheaper.

Ajax Systems used to do translations using another localization tool. But then, they decided to try something new and found Crowdin. They started using machines to help with translations, making things much faster and cheaper without losing the quality.

In this case study, we’ll examine how Ajax Systems changed its translation process using Crowdin integrated with DeepL Translate, Reverso, and OpenAI.

So, come along as we explore how Ajax Systems’ localization team made the translation process, more innovative and more efficient.

Scaling Up: How Wildlife Studios is Localizing 27 Projects into 12+ languages with Crowdin

11 mins read

Scaling Up: How Wildlife Studios Localizing 27 Projects into 12+ languages with Crowdin

Wildlife Studios, a leading mobile gaming company headquartered in Brazil, embarked on a comprehensive localization journey to expand its player base globally. With Crowdin localization platform, Wildlife Studios successfully localized 27 projects into 12+ languages, resulting in rapid translation, optimized costs, and increased player satisfaction. Let’s explore how they achieved these results.

How Ethereum.org Ensures Quality of Community Translations at Crowdin

9 mins read

How Ethereum.org Ensures Quality of Community Translations at Crowdin

Welcome to the case study with Ethereum.org, a website that provides information and resources about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The translation team employs a strategy of translation by community volunteers and proofreading by a translation agency.

Let’s delve deeper into how with the help of this approach, Ethereum.org were able to add 48 languages to their website, with over 3,800 translators participating in the effort and translating more than 2.9 million words in 2021 and 1.9 million words in 2022 (as of September).

90% Faster Content Update Rollout – How the HubSpot Integration Became a Game Changer for Localization at Chainels

9 mins read

90% Faster Content Update Rollout – How the HubSpot Integration Became a Game Changer for Localization at Chainels

Localization is essential for businesses looking to expand into foreign markets, but it can also be a significant burden for developers, designers, and content marketers. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Chainels, a B2B SaaS company based in the Netherlands, used the Crowdin and HubSpot integration to streamline their localization efforts, automate content delivery, and establish a faster workflow with minimal developer involvement.

We’ll also be discussing the various features and functionalities that Chainels utilized within Crowdin, including machine translation, translation memory, Crowdin plugin for Figma and more.

How Intento Built a Crowdin app in Two Days: 40+ MT Engines Available in Crowdin

8 mins read

Crowdin app by Intento increases MT engines list to 40+

In simple words, Intento provides tools to help companies evaluate, customize, and connect best-fit MT to existing software. With Intento, companies can also monitor translation performance to continuously improve their entire machine translation program.

Read on to find out how Intento was one of the first companies to make a Crowdin App and how it increased the list of machine translation engines to make it easier for customers to translate content.

How Systemair Migrated from Spreadsheets to Crowdin

6 mins read

Why Systemair chooses Crowdin for localziation

Systemair is a global company actively operating in 52 countries around the world. They manufacture ventilation, heating, and cooling products for almost 50 years.

The company first started localization in spreadsheets, a common approach at the time. Soon, handling over 40 target languages started to take too much time. That’s why they decided to migrate everything to Crowdin. Right now, they describe their localization process as “We upload our files, and then it just works.”

How TYPO3 localized their content management system and 100+ extensions with Crowdin

8 mins read

How TYPO3 Powers Localization with Crowdin

TYPO3 is a free and open-source, professional CMS offering services and solutions for the whole team across industries, organizations sizes, and use cases. TYPO3 is written in PHP with a lot of plugins created by their community. By utilizing a combination of translation memory pre-translation, community translation, and content delivery automation via GitHub integration, TYPO3 has been able to scale its growth while and localize their content management system and 100+ extensions.

In this article, we’ll cover the story of how TYPO3 uses Crowdin to grow their business.

Localization at Kinsta: Tech-enabled Human Translation

9 mins read

Software Localization and Website Translation Story

Peter Kovacs is the Director of Global Expansion at Kinsta, a managed WordPress hosting platform operating at the top end of the market, providing fast and stable website and e-commerce platform hosting for over 24,400 companies across the world, with guaranteed uptime.

In this blog, Peter talks about building a global footprint from scratch, being a localization outsider, and how, for Kinsta, it’s tech-enabled humans that rule all the way.

How GrandPad Powers Localization with Crowdin

5 mins read

How GrandPad Powers Localization with Crowdin

To connect more than 1.4 million seniors, families, friends, and caregivers in all 50 states of the USA and 120 countries worldwide, GrandPad relies on the Crowdin localization management platform. By utilizing a combination of machine engine pre-translation, professional translation services, and content delivery automation, GrandPad has been able to scale its growth while maintaining a personalized approach and close relationship with its customers.

In this article, we’ll cover the story of how GrandPad uses Crowdin to grow their business, succeed in their tablet and two mobile app localization into 30+ languages and launch the product in 120 countries.

Localization at iLovePDF: Product and Marketing Content Translation into 25 Languages

8 mins read

Product Localization and Marketing Content Translation

Anna Rubio is the Marketing Manager at iLovePDF, a document management service that allows users to read, convert, annotate, and sign PDFs online, on desktop and mobile, free of charge. In this blog, Anna talks about bringing digital marketing insights into localization, and iLovePDF’s strategy of bringing their products and services to millions of users worldwide through localization into 25 languages.

3 Lessons on Game Localization from SCS Software

6 mins read

Lessons on Game Localization from SCS Software

SCS Software is a video game development company located in Prague, Czech Republic. The company became famous worldwide thanks to two notable games: American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. SCS Software is also a proud winner of the 2016 Steam Awards in two categories, PC Gamer’s Best Sim 2012 and Czech Game of the Year Technological Solution Award 2016.

Crowdin helps SCS Software manage the localization of their products and Steam Achievements into 47 languages, as more than 70% of their customers are non-English speakers. SCS Software engages its players to be a part of the localization process in Crowdin, which currently has 200+ members.

This article includes the key takeaways and lessons on game localization from the case study we did with SCS Software. Read the full version for more details.

Localization at Trustpilot: Where UX Meets Translation

12 mins read

Localization with Crowdin at Trustpilot

Ida Giersing is Head of Localization and Copywriting at Trustpilot, the online customer review platform that seeks to become a universal symbol of trust by bringing businesses and consumers together under the tagline Behind every review is an experience that matters.

In this blog, Ida talks about a third culture kid finding a home in localization, UX writing and localization under the same roof, and how to apply technology in the service of language.

Localization at Avast: Continuous Translation Based on Teamwork and Collaboration

11 mins read

Continuous localization and collaboration of the Avast team in Crowdin

Jakub Lepič is Senior Localization Specialist at global cybersecurity company Avast, whose antivirus solutions help over 435 million users stay safe online and protect their digital freedom.

In this Crowdin blog, Jakub talks about the team, the technology and the solutions behind Avast’s localization operations, and his own journey from a technology-minded language graduate to a localization professional.

Localization at Wrike: It’s All about Scalability and Automation

11 mins read

Wrike automates localization & translation processes with Crowdin

Ivan Pugin is Localization Team Lead at Wrike, developers of project management software with a mission to help companies to be as productive as they can. At Wrike, Ivan and his colleagues have set up localization processes from scratch, seen the company’s growth from a start-up to a global player, and its acquisition by Citrix in early 2021.

In this blog, Ivan talks about setting localization up from scratch, his passion for automation, Wrike’s localization metrics, and the next steps for his small but perfectly formed team.

Localization at Listonic: Not Crowd but Community Translation

9 mins read

Community Translation at Listonic

Aleksandra Małecka is Head of Localization at Listonic – the smart shopping list app that’s saved many a busy family’s weekly shopping trips from total meltdown. Or perhaps a more fitting job title for Aleksandra would rather be Head of Localization & Community Builder Extraordinaire.

In this blog, Aleksandra shares her secrets on building a crowdsourced community of user translators and how it shapes the very way Listonic’s apps are developed.

Localization at LogMeIn: It’s Always Strategic

10 mins read

LogMeIn software UI localization

Deepak Nagabhushana is Staff Localization Project Manager and service owner for LogMeIn’s UI localization, where a Global First Mindset steers a complex localization process.

In this Crowdin blog, Deepak talks about his localization tech journey and things that make a localization manager happy at LogMeIn, a pioneer in remote work technology and a driving force behind today’s work-from-anywhere movement.

Localization at AssessFirst: When Translation Quality Is Paramount

11 mins read

Software localization

Camila Pedraza is the Paris-based Localization Manager at AssessFirst, a human factor prediction solution for HR and hiring managers, combining behavioral science with AI in psychometric testing.

In this blog, Camila talks about her localization journey from Colombia to France and from sports apparel to psychometric testing via Crowdin support. Camila’s team is now localizing their product into 14 languages after switching the primary source language and migrating content to Crowdin from a different tool.

Localization at Paxful: 1 Part Tech, 9 Parts People

12 mins read

Interview with a localization manager

Anna Iokhimovich is Head of Localization at Paxful, a global peer-to-peer platform for digital currencies. To her, localization is all about people.

In this Crowdin blog, Anna talks about her own journey, Paxful’s localization strategies and technology, her amazing localization team, building user experience into localization quality metrics, and what all new entrants to the industry should know.

How Aviasales Got 10M App Downloads and Now Spares 15% of Work Time for the Localization Team

4 mins read

Aviasales is a popular service among travelers who seek cost-effective tickets and affordable places to stay. The Aviasales users do 1.4M searches every day via iOS, Android, Windows Phone apps, and the website. Ilia Kukharev from the Aviasales team says the popularity came due to the launch of the multilingual versions, and today “some apps drive revenue only from organic traffic, thanks to localization.”

Crowdin helped the company with the fundamental shift away from manual translation management toward automation and continuous localization. Today, the Aviasales team manages all their localization initiatives via Crowdin, releases new app versions every two weeks, and translates content in 40+ languages in parallel.

This post includes the key takeaways from the Aviasales customer story. Read the full version for more details.

How eXo Platform Speeded up Release Cycles Through Crowdin’s Automation

3 mins read

eXo Platform is an enterprise digital workplace software. eXo helps connect employees, tools, and information in one digital space. When the company decided to expand above English-speaking markets, integrating localization into the development cycle became critical. With Crowdin, the eXo’s tech team got 3X faster release cycles. The company now offers a product available in 20 languages to their global customers.

Success Story: Setapp Delivers Their Subscription-Based Service around the Globe with Crowdin

6 mins read

Setapp is a subscription-based service for Mac applications created by MacPaw Inc. in 2016. It provides access to a growing collection of Mac software from different developers for a fixed monthly fee. MacPaw company already had an experience of localization with their other product CleanMyMac. That was localized into 3 languages and the experience proved to be successful as the company received a substantial rise in the user attraction and retention rates.