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How to Create Multilingual Surveys: Translate Typeform Content

13 mins read

Multilingual surveys with the help of Crowdin

The main aim of multilingual surveys is to reach more people for more feedback and information. To run a multilingual survey, you’ll first need to create a base survey in one language. Then, you can translate your survey using Crowdin + Typeform integration. Once your survey, form, or quizz is translated, you’ll have a separate one in each language, so you can reach people all over the world. We’ll discuss why and how to create multilingual surveys in this article.

How to Provide a Multilingual Live Chat for Your Customers

12 mins read

Live chat translation with Crowdin

For every growing organization or business there comes the point when a question arises: how do you provide good customer service to customers speaking multiple languages?

You can start with a multilingual help center, chatbot, and live chat support. With Сrowdin, you can talk to your customers in their language. Use real-time machine translation to take care of live chat and support tickets in multiple languages on Zendesk, HubSpot, Intercom, and more with Crowdin apps. It can help increase conversions, improve the customer experience and loyalty, and is cheaper and more efficient than hiring multilingual customer service agents.

In this guide, you will learn how a multilingual live chat can help your business, its meaning, and how to implement it.

Multilingual Chatbot: Guide on Why and How to Localize It

12 mins read

Multilingual chatbots: why and how to localize

If you sell a product or service online, it’s likely that your customers come from more than just the country where your business is based. If your chatbot can help users with everything from purchasing to getting customer service but only speaks English, you might turn away whole groups of potential customers. It is where a multilingual chatbot comes in.

Multilingual chatbots can help businesses in many ways, from getting more leads to making more sales. But one of the most common ways to use a bot is to give excellent customer service on demand. A multilingual chatbot is a great way to do it if you want to make your business more open and accessible to new markets worldwide.

How Document360 Team Built an Integration With Crowdin to Offer Customers a Better Localization Experience

4 mins read

Document360 is a Knowledge Base software that helps tech companies worldwide manage and publish helpful content for their products. A few months ago, the team approached us with an idea to build an integration between our systems to simplify the localization workflows for the Document360 customers.

Read on to find out how Document360 became among the first Crowdin Apps creators and now allow customers to translate the helpful content with much less effort.

Make Your Zendesk Help Center an International Resource

5 mins read

Crowdin for Zendesk

Whether you’re a global business or have the ambition to become one, you need to find a way to help customers in their native language. A multiple language help center can become a valuable resource for self-service. Your clients will be able to find the necessary answers before they even contact your customer success team. And more, a multilanguage help center can power up your support agents and help them provide consistent personal assistance.

Integrate your Zendesk Help Center with Crowdin to seamlessly translate your helpful content. Turn it into a valuable source of knowledge for both – your global customers and your team.

Crowdin Integrates with Wix Answers to Give Your Customers Multilingual Support

3 mins read

localize help center

Integrate Wix Answers with Crowdin to manage multilingual content of your Knowledge Base and build products with smooth customer experience. Crowdin connects with Wix Answers so you could localize your help center faster and keep translations consistent across languages. Synchronize texts between the two systems to make your clients’ lives easier with the helpful content in the languages they understand.