API Documentation

The pages below give all the information needed to get started with Crowdin API. There is documentation with examples of project, file, workflow management and other using simple REST calls.

How to integrate Crowdin with my deployment process?

Crowdin provides RESTful API with XML or JSON over HTTP using GET or POST methods. Listed below are all the available API methods, which allows you to create projects in Crowdin, add and update files, download translations or integrate localization with your development process.

Making requests

For every API request you make, you'll need to present the API access key as the main URI parameter to be authenticated. The authentication API key can be found on the project settings page - the "Integration" tab.

Keep the API key in secret! It should be guarded just as your regular account password.

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API Methods

Add File

Add new file to Crowdin project that should be translated.

Update File

Upload fresh version of your localization file. Often used to reach continuous localization.

Delete File

Remove file from Crowdin project.

Add Directory

Create a new directory in Crowdin project.

Delete Directory

Remove directory with nested files from Crowdin project.

Change Directory

Rename or change directory attributes.

Upload Translations

Upload translations made in a third party software or previously made translations.

Export Translations

Build fresh package with the latest translations.

Download Translations

Download last exported translation package (one target language or all languages as one zip file).

Export File

Export translated file from Crowdin project.

Create Project

Create a new Crowdin Project.

Edit Project

Edit Crowdin project details.

Delete Project

Delete Crowdin project with all files, translations and other meta-data.

Project Info

Shows project details and meta information (last translations date, currently uploaded files, target languages etc..).

Download TM

Download Translation Memory created by Crowdin for your project.

Upload TM

Upload Translation Memory (will be merged with TM in Crowdin).

Download Glossary

Download Glossaries created by users for your project.

Upload Glossary

Upload your glossary to Crowdin project (imported terms will be merged with already existing)

Account Projects

List account projects with details (including API keys)

Supported Languages

Get supported languages list with Crowdin codes mapped to locale name and standardized codes.

Language Status

Get the detailed translation progress for specified language.

Translation Status

Track overall translation and proofreading progresses of each target language.