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Crowdin is a cloud-based complete localization solution for Blackberry app written with Java, С++, HTML5 and other frameworks.

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Blackberry Localization | Localization Management Platform Crowdin

Crowdin aims to make translator collaboration as efficient and smooth as possible for BlackBerry software developers.

This is How the Professional Translation Service* Works

BlackBerry Professional Translators
Collect Translatable
Commit to CVS
Release App
Localization Agency

Get professionals working on your Blackberry localization. Save your time, money and energy so you can use them for your favorite things.

* The Professional Translation service at Crowdin aims to simplify your interactions with localization agencies. No more annoying back and forth, sending translation files via email, and no hassles with payments. Just sit back and watch your project translation unfold!

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Here is why you are willing to choose Crowdin:

Translation Memory and Glossaries

It is therefore not necessary to translate previously translated strings again leaving only a small component needing to be translated manually. Create, store and manage all of your project terminology in one location.

Process Management

Manage translator groups. Promote individual translators with advanced privileges in your project. Communicate easily with hundreds of translators and more...

Continuous Localization

Easily localize new strings before each release of your application. No more mess at this point.

High Quality

No more dummy translations. Control quality using our innovative reviewing tools. Great looking interactive charts and reports allowing you to keep track of your translators' activity.

Safe and Dependable

Be sure that your data is secure and always accessible. Projects is placed on defended server network that let us protect data from loss no matter how insecure the environment is. Host your Crowdin project at your own domain or use Crowdin white labeled one.

Excellent Support Service

Send us emails, drop notes on support service. For questions you may have and information you may need our friendly, qualified support team are always there for you.

Over 42000 of successful applications localized!

The number is growing fast; we can't show all of them here but we hope you get the picture!

“Brilliant crowdsource translation service. Get your app translated cheaply & get access to more markets.”
InMobi Developers
“Thank you very much! We are so happy with your translation platform, just in a few days we are able to launch in German and Turquish!”
Joan Pinyol, CEO / Co-Founder of Dexma
“I love Crowdin, it has driven out translations for our applications quickly thanks to 600 passionate translators. Thank you for helping us translating MusiXmatch in 42 languages, you are awesome!”
Massimo Ciociola, Leader of the MusiXmatch development team

Get more clients in the global market.

  • Reduce the cost of localizing your Blackberry application.
  • Reduce the turnaround time for Blackberry localization.
  • Forge stronger ties with your community by using crowdsourced Blackberry localization.

Crowdin aims to make translator collaboration as efficient and smooth as possible. We offer you the simplest way to localize your Blackberry application into more than 100 languages: give it a try.