Avis Network Plugins

OrigamiDream (VegaCrystal_VC)
About Avis Network: United with Arka Network. We are the best team-based competitive server. All map modules are running on XML script. This makes the server's games variety.

Join us at Discord chat to talk about Avis Network(Arka): https://discord.gg/mw2Y2bS

If you want to give new suggestions. please read the following before continuing:
* Leave special symbols like: "{0}", "`b", "|" etc, exactly as they are.
* Refer "Context" to understand a sentence which means what.
* Do not use machine language. You have to use native languages to make native people easily understand.
* Read comments. We will write some tips if a sentence is hard to be translated.
* Try to give the translation as short as possible without compromising the meaning.

Only approved translations will be included in the game.
Please remember to vote for translations for quality translations!

If your language is already translated, but isn't 100% approved, collaborate voting translations, please.
Needs Translation:
Translate Avis Network Plugins to Chinese Simplified language
Chinese Simplified
translated: 25%
Translate Avis Network Plugins to Thai language
translated: 91%
Translated, but Needs to be Voted:
Translate Avis Network Plugins to Japanese language
approved: 46%
Translate Avis Network Plugins to Korean language
approved: 100%
Source language:



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