Dear Warriors!
Thank you for volunteering to help us with the translations!

Here's a general guide:
1. Special symbols like: {0}, {1}, {0}/{1},%s,etc.; the app name "Clash of War-Rise of Lords”; Internet common symbols: www., .com, .org, email, URL, or any URL links, etc.; and arabic numerals should not be translated
2. Translate websites names (ex: Google, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.), and other gaming terms (ex: HP, Lv, VIP, EXP, etc.) depending on your language if they have corresponding names; if not, just keep them in English
3. Avoid automatic translation as much as possible
4. If you're not too confident in your translation ability, you can vote up or down on suggested translations and/or submit corrections if you see a spelling or grammar mistake.

If you have any question, plz contact us on Facebook page,
Or Email us:

We're preparing the rewards and also the page for this now.
Will update it here and on our Facebook once we finished:)

Thanks for your contribution!!!
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Translate COW-EN-ProofReading to English language
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