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Hello and thank you for offering to help translate Darkroom. Please scroll down beyond the guides to see a list of languages that require translation.

Guidelines - please read the following guides before starting:

1. If you have not translated apps before or are not familiar with the process, you can still help by voting and commenting on translations for your favourite language. The translation system has plenty of hints and guides to help along the way.

2. Placeholders: Do not translate placeholders, e.g. %1$s, %2$s, %d, %s, %.2f, etc. These will get replaced with values in the app.
Example 1: “%.2fMB” will get replaced with a string such as “1.05MB”.
In this case only ‘MB’ which represents megabytes may have to get translated, but ‘%2f’ remains the same.
Example 2: “Delete %d files?” will get replaced with “Delete 5 files?”

3. Percent character (%): If a string includes the actual percent character, e.g. '90%’, then do not include the percent character ‘%’ as it used as for placeholders, instead it must be written as ‘\uff05’ (without the quotes) instead, for example: “90\uff05”

4. Replace ‘…’ with the ellipsis character: …
Example: Add to album…

5. Respect ‘\n’. \n means next line which is used in a couple of places, please make sure this is written exactly as the English form to go to the next line.

6. Escape quote marks, e.g.
Please select \'SD Card\' in the next screen to continue.

7. Take a look at the Google writing style guides:
For example for English it is recommended to use sentence cap style, which is used in the app, for example:
‘Add to album’ and not ‘Add To Album’

Thank you for reading through this guide and we look forward to you contributing to the translation of Darkroom.
Needs Translation:
Translate Darkroom Gallery to Dutch language
translated: 88%
Translate Darkroom Gallery to German language
translated: 66%
Translate Darkroom Gallery to Italian language
translated: 66%
Translate Darkroom Gallery to Portuguese, Brazilian language
Portuguese, Brazilian
translated: 14%
Translate Darkroom Gallery to Russian language
translated: 7%
Translate Darkroom Gallery to Spanish language
translated: 88%
Translate Darkroom Gallery to Spanish, United States language
Spanish, United States
translated: 0%
Translate Darkroom Gallery to Turkish language
translated: 88%
Translated, but Needs to be Voted:
Translate Darkroom Gallery to English, United Kingdom language
English, United Kingdom
approved: 0%
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