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Infrastructure architect, IPv6 evangelist.

Check your browser's ability to use the IPv6 internet by visiting http://test-IPv6.com. Contribute to translations for that site (and many mirror sites around the world) by editing the "falling-sky" project here on CrowdIn. :-)

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  • This is the translation for "test-ipv6.com" and related mirrors.

    Translations made here may be previewed at http://i18n.test-ipv6.com/ ; builds are done every 30 minutes. They will not automatically push to the master site or mirrors; they will still need me (acting as build master) to approve the changes.

    For the public site (and all mirror sites), translations go live after I review the changes. The project is open to all to make suggestions; my (human) review is therefore needed to filter out potential malicious translation.

    Interested in contributing for another language? I'm happy to enable additional languages. The priority for translating will be for *.js files; then for faq files. More info at https://github.com/falling-sky/source/wiki/LocalizationPlan .

Only *.jpg, *.png and *.gif file formats are supported.

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