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  • Welcome to the Shopware repository! We are glad you finally arrived.

    Our eCommerce platform is growing fast, and we’re daring to go borderless. This is where we need the power of your unique voice.

    - choose how far you’d like to grow with us
    - immediately impact the world of online sales
    - work alongside some of the coolest brains in the industry

    We are motivated by the desire to do something great, and that’s only possible when we work together. Please write us a quick message if you would like a personal demo to help create context for your awesome translations.

    Join today and go further tomorrow!

    Translation guidelines
    • Don't translate source code fragments like {foo} or [0] or $bar or ${foobar}

    • start with completing the translations in folder core/frontend first

    • Use the same escaping as the English/German translations

    • Use the same punctuation endings (./.../etc) as the English/German translations

    • Try to make your translations the same length as the English/German translations

  • This is a sandbox project - We use it for testing, nothing else.

    If you are looking for the Shopware translation project, use this address:

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If you have any questions or need help, please contact us.