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  • Klingon
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Marc Antoine Thevenet

When the language is no longer a barrier to passion
Living on the Friendly Island, a rock with more than 100 different nationalities and with almost as many languages and dialects spoken, I love sharing my experience in t9n project management.

OpenSource addict, I am a management leader for translations of many projects for the Joomla! CMS as the l10n of the documentation or the Landing page. I have participated as a translator from English to the french, as project manager or moderator to the i18n of thousands of extensions, apps, softwares and websites like Twitter, Facebook, the CMS Grav, October, Django, Drupal, Concrete5 and Joomla, Akeeba Backup, Mautic and others websites.

Always curious to discover new projects and share my experience, do not hesitate to contact me...

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