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* Users on a free plan donate translations to Crowdin's translation memory.

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Crowdin for Open Source

We support the open source community. If you're building awesome non-profit projects that could use the power of Crowdin, we're happy to help with this free option. Make your content multilingual to reach a global audience.

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Choose the plan that meets your requirements feature-wise. Then customize by adding managers and hosted words to it. Please note that the Language Coordinator role counts as a manager in the total number of managers available


CDN for Translations

Monthly payment

Crowdin SDK for Android and iOS apps provides over-the-air content delivery, real-time translation preview, screenshots upload and tagging.

Deliver new translations from Crowdin to your application with no need to update your app on Google Play or App Store.

Requests $3  /  1M
Data transfer $2  /  10GB
If you have up to 1M requests and 10GB of data transfer, it's free.

Scanned PDF translation

One-time payment

Upload your scanned PDF files and receive corresponding DOCX files right within your project. The DOCX file would include all the content that should be localized with a neat preview for your team. The original formatting used in your PDF would be also preserved.

Sold in bundles:
$50  /  300 pages
($0.14  /  page)
If you have up to 50 pdf pages, it’s free. Contact us to enable them for your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosted words are the number of words that should be translated multiplied by the number of the project’s target languages. For example, if you upload a file with 500 words to a project with 10 target languages, you’ll have 5000 hosted words (500 × 10).

The limit of hosted words applies to all the projects created under your account ( or organization (Crowdin Enterprise).

Every plan includes a specific amount of hosted words, if you need more, you can easily add hosted words to your plan.

Choose if you’re an individual developer or have a small in-house team working with you. You’ll get everything to start with agile localization: Glossary, Translation Memory, integrations, online translation editor, basic reports, and more.

Choose Crowdin Enterprise if you need to have a private organization for all your localization projects. You’ll be able to streamline and scale localization for multiple products with workflows, teams, enterprise-level security and flexibility, and more.

Sure! Register and create your first localization project to start your 14-day free trial of Team plan on The trial on Crowdin Enterprise is 30 days, starts once you create your account, and includes all the features of the Business plan.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. If you upgrade or downgrade in the middle of the monthly billing cycle, your account will be instantly switched to the new plan, and starting the next month the charge will be taken for the chosen plan.

We offer a badge program, which allows you to get a free add-on for your account! Simply add the Crowdin badge to your website, and get an additional project or source strings (double your limit on personal plans or get additional 5000 strings on organization plans).

You can use an international wire transfer only for purchasing an Annual Subscription.
Please contact us to get wire transfer details.

Yes. If you want to use Crowdin for an Open Source project, sign up for a free account, set up your project and send us a request. Apply for an Academic License if your project has educational purposes. Each granted license will include an unlimited number of projects, strings, and members.

If you cancel your account within 30 days from the signup date, on demand we can refund the amount you were charged.

No, on every paid plan you can invite an unlimited number of translators and proofreaders to your projects