Agile localization for marketing teams

Multilingual marketing made easy

Create and manage unique customer experiences with specific languages and locales in mind. Keep your team's agile mindset and localize marketing content with minimum efforts.

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Marketing teams expanding their reach with Crowdin

Localization of any content

  • Landing pages

  • Email campaigns

  • Blog articles

  • Creative assets

  • Documentation

  • Signup forms

"Crowdin has been central to Wire’s growth for years now. It allowed us to quickly scale to tens of new languages added by fans/volunteers while keeping the workflow straightforward. And their support is phenomenal!"


Shared collaboration space

During localization, your marketing team should synchronize work with other departments and teams.

Bringing all the communication in one place saves time and gives everyone clarity on progress and things to be done.

  • Online Translation Editor

  • Task management

  • Project access policies

Automated workflows

Automated Crowdin connects to your code repository and other tools your team uses. No need to email translator on the content updates or notify the developers about the strings proofread manually.

  • Connected to your tools

  • Custom workflows

  • No manual steps

Translation Consistency

With Crowdin, you grow customers loyalty worldwide as your audience receives high-quality content regardless of the language they speak.

You can run file pre-translation via MT engines or enable translation suggestions to assist your human translations. Crowdin connects with the most popular MT engines.

Translation Memory speeds up the translation of the same or similar strings. Every translation made in the project is automatically added to the TM which can be also shared between projects.

If there's a list of terms that require explanation, you can create, store, and manage the project terminology in one place. Explanations will be accessible once the term appears in the source string.

Crowdin In-Context provides an overlay for your application. Translators and proofreaders work right from the live web app and instantly preview their translations on the page.

Setup the processes once and forget you have multilingual content to manage

With Crowdin, you grow customers loyalty worldwide as your audience receives high-quality content regardless of the language they speak.


Add content files or connect your marketing tools.

Invite your team, translators, and proofreaders.

Track progress in the real-time.

Store content in a cloud and access from anywhere.

Translations are retrieved automatically.

"With over 300 translators working on our projects, managing the translation is no easy task. Luckily, your platform has proved to be very helpful and I am very happy with the service. I'd also like to add that your customer support team is amazing — always sending quick and easy-to-follow instructions."

Agile localization for all of your teams

Automate updates of the source content for translation. Instantly receive translations, safely waiting to be merged or published.

Crowdin for Development

Agile approach to all the localization processes

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