Agile localization for developers

Ship faster with localization running in parallel

Keep developing new features and improvements, while translators receive new texts in real-time. Release multilingual versions for customers around the globe simultaneously.

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Localize your content

We support over 40 file formats, including .md, .xml, .json, .csv, .php, .yaml, .properties, .android, gettext, and .strings.

  • Mobile apps

  • Cloud and desktop software

  • Games

  • Websites

  • Help Desks

"Crowdin streamlined our translation process with a tight GitLab integration. By automatically presenting new strings to our community for translation, we’re able to save time and get our community engaged quickly. The integration also allows us to immediately present new translations in a new merge request when they get approved by our community proofreaders, helping us integrate new translations quickly. We’re big fans!"

  • Release your product in several languages at once

    Help your users from different locales use the latest version of your product in their own language

  • Get feature branches translated independently from the master branch

  • Translators work together in one place to boost productivity

  • Never deal with translations in spreadsheets or email attachments

  • Automated real-time updates of source texts for translators

  • Translations are automatically integrated with your code, ready to be merged

Seamlessly integrate localization at any step of your development cycle

Automate integration of source texts and translations between Crowdin and your source code. With one-click integrations or customizable solution

VCS: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket

Source strings are pulled automatically and always up-to-date for your translators. Translated content is automatically pushed as a request to your repository.

The time you save

"When the team set out with the goal of exposing 10 million students to computer science during Computer Science Education Week, internationalization wasn't even on our radar. There was simply an impossible number of things to do and our small team was focused on the US. But once we saw the international response to our promotional efforts, we knew we needed to localize, and fast! Crowdin was the clear tool of choice and the Crowdin support team was instrumental in helping make CS Ed Week a global success, with 15 million participants from over 150 countries, and available in more than 20 languages."


Integrate Crowdin with your CI server, GIT, SVN, Mercurial, and more easier. Connect cross-platform Crowdin CLI directly to your code repository and never deal with localization files manually again.

CLI documentation

API and webhooks

Customize your experience, automate and scale your localization workflows. Seamlessly add new content for translation to your Crowdin project, check the translation status, merge new content and more.

API documentation
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Update File
Delete File
Upload Translation
Export File
Download Translation

Keep all translations in one place while connecting your teams via Crowdin

Connect with your content, marketing, and translation teams in one collaborative space

Screenshots for additional context

Highlighting of html, placeholders, plurals, and more

Describe context and limit symbols for translation to fit the UI

All translations are done online or can be uploaded to the platform

Jira integration to notify you about the source string issues

Tips for translators, to make sure there's no extra space or code broken

Automate source and translated content synchronization to power agile development

Integrate with your code base and pull source strings

Invite translators and proofreaders + other teams

Automatically pull completed translations ready to be merged

Agile localization for all of your teams

Automate updates of the source content for translation. Instantly receive translations, safely waiting to be merged or published.

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Multilingual resources for seamless user experiences

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Marketing content that resonates across the globe

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