Website translation in minutes, without writing any code

Forget about manually duplicating pages and copy-pasting translated content for each locale to make your website multilingual.

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Create a multilingual website by integrating Crowdin and your website’s CMS

Website translation can be easy


Automated content synchronization allows translators to have access to the latest copy, while managers can publish translations immediately after review

40+ MT

Do quick translations using your favorite or custom MT, Crowdin supports 40+ machine translation engines

Real-time preview

A real-time preview of the content you localize allows translators to have more context and make the process less challenging

High quality

QA checks, glossaries, and style guides help your team maintain high-quality copy

One-click to go live

Click on a button to distribute new languages and send ready-to-publish content to your CMS

300+ languages

Translation from English to 300+ languages and vice versa. Moreover, you can add custom languages too

Multilingual Website SEO Made Simple

  • Translate your metadata

    Translate your metadata

    The importance of localized metadata is hard to underestimate. With Crowdin, you can translate meta titles and descriptions using glossaries with keywords.

  • Use dedicated URLs

    Use dedicated URLs

    Google recommends using ‘dedicated URLs’ that include a language indicator. On Crowdin, you can choose to set a subdomain or subdirectory for localized pages.

  • Translate ALT tags

    Translate ALT tags

    You don't want to make it harder for Google to understand your pages, ever. So make sure to translate your page fully when doing a translation.

  • Automate implementation of hreflang language codes

    Automate implementation of hreflang language codes

    There is no risk that you will insert hreflang codes incorrectly because the app automatically takes care of everything for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step-By-Step Guide on Website Translation with Crowdin

  • Connect Crowdin with your CMS

    Connect Crowdin with your CMS

    Create a Crowdin account and localization project to install the app from Crowdin Store. Enter needed credentials to start the translation.

  • Scan a website

    Scan a website

    Install the app and scan all the text on your website. The app will automatically upload it to your Crowdin project.

  • Start website translation process

    Start website translation process

    In Crowdin Editor, translators can contact team members, filter strings, use TM, MT, and Glossary, view a string's context in the actual product or screenshot, and more.

  • Add a language switcher to your website

    Add a language switcher to your website

    To add a language drop-down, add a simple code snippet to the custom code section. Please note that some website builders require a paid plan to add custom code.

  • Publish translations in a click

    Publish translations in a click

    Over-the-air delivery allows you to share translations directly from your Crowdin project to your website with one click.

Go ahead to create your Crowdin account and start translating your website in minutes.

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