Crowdin for Translation Agencies

Extend your offering. Provide the right localization technology along with your service.

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Technology buyer will love your translation service
plus localization management platform

Your technical client uses Git to manage source code. CMS to manage website content. Bug tracker to manage issues. Development company needs Crowdin to manage localization in the modern way.

Localization formats

Crowdin is designed to simplify translations of technical files, you can now translate all the popular localization formats

Contextual support

We make sure your translators have the comprehensive contextual support, providing screenshot attachment, commenting and possibility to translate right on the web app

Cloud infrastructure

Collaboration, real time translation and proofreading progresses with minimum effort. No installations or complicated set up

Built-in CAT

Actual translation environment equipped with Translation Memories, Fuzzy matches, Machine translation tips, Quality assurance functionality and advanced reporting system

Translation workflows

Crowdin enables you to create, manage and control your own translation workflows specifically for each individual project

Tools for developers

Platform makes it possible for your localization customer to integrate localization into development, shortening development cycle and supporting continuous updates

Powering dozens of translations agencies worldwide

Used by top tech companies of the world