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«...we were stunned by the professionalism of the company»

Keith Teare
Co-founder of TechCrunch, CEO and Founder of just.me Inc,
Founder at the Palo Alto Incubator, Archimedes Labs

«Just.me needed to get our iOS app translated into 30 languages in 2 weeks. Crowdin was by far the only choice, and we were stunned by the professionalism, passion and enthusiasm of the company and the amazing platform usability. Will we use it again? We really have no choice. It's awesome.»

«Crowdin really amazed us with how easy it was to use»

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi
Flattr.com, Founder

«We were looking for a way to let our users help us with the translation of our service. A lot of people wanted to help but it's always quite hard to maintain quality and have swift cooperation with files usually. Crowdin really amazed us with how easy it was to use and how easy it was to get things up and running. And the few questions and requests we had to the team behind the service was answered and listened to within minutes! Really great!»

«Great customer service, awesome product, and a huge timesaver»

Edial Dekker

«We're using Crowdin to translate our iOS and Android app and could not be happier. Great customer service, awesome product, and a huge timesaver. I wish you could translate "awesome translation CMS" in one word, it would translate to "Crowdin".»

«...everything happens smoothly now»

Joel Bourguard

«Crowdin has allowed us to expand the internationalization work of our app to 19 languages, and it really matters among half a million users. Without Crowdin, internationalization to that extent would certainly not have been possible or at least not manageable. Truly distributed work is a real pleasure: no more e-mailing language data files back and forth, no more merging XML files manually: everything happens smoothly now. Thank you!»

«...we knew we needed to localize, and fast!»

Brandon Bloom
Code.org, Engineer

«When the Code.org team set out with the goal of exposing 10 million students to computer science during Computer Science Education Week, internationalization wasn't even on our radar. There was simply an impossible number of things to do and our small team was focused on the US. But once we saw the international response to our promotional efforts, we knew we needed to localize, and fast! Crowdin was the clear tool of choice and the Crowdin support team was instrumental in helping make CS Ed Week a global success, with 15 million participants from over 150 countries, and available in more than 20 languages.»

«We will advertise the fact we are using your service»

Changpeng Zhao
Blockchain, Head of Development

«Thank you so much! Your platform looks awesome. I wish we had known this earlier. We will advertise the fact we are using your service whenever possible. We have a large fan base, and volunteers eager to contribute. Cheers!»

«I love Crowdin, it has driven out translations for our applications quickly thanks to 600 passionate translators. Thank you for helping us translating MusiXmatch in 42 languages, you are awesome!»
Massimo Ciociola
— Massimo Ciociola MusiXmatch, Founder & CEO

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