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«Ever since we at Visma started using Crowdin for our UI-text management, we have noticed that we save lots of time and enable our customers to gain benefit from new and updated functionality quicker and with better quality. We especially appreciate the In-context feature.
We also appreciate the amazing support we get whenever needed. You guys are truly awesome!»

Per Karlsson
Visma Spcs AB, Content manager

«When we were searching for new tool for our localization process, Crowdin was one of the candidates.
Now, after months of using Crowdin, we can say it's a great choice! It has helped us to better connect with translators and to give them everything they need, including context, screenshots, and immediate answers to their questions.
Additionally, the Crowdin support service is very professional and helpful. We're happy with Crowdin and can only recommend the tool!»

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi
Avast, QA Engineer

«I love Crowdin, it has driven out translations for our applications quickly thanks to 600 passionate translators.
Thank you for helping us translating MusiXmatch in 42 languages, you are awesome!»

Massimo Ciociola
MusixMatch, founder & CEO

«As soon as our developers update our app, Crowdin invites our translators to update their translations. They have everything they need at hand with Crowdin's user-friendly webinterface and their changes are collected automatically. Developers incorporate the new translations into our app with the click of a button. My efforts in managing the translations are limited to clarifying text to translate with a screenshot. Crowdin saves everybody a lot of time and hassle and offers superb support when you need it. That's coming from people working in the customer support industry »

Patrick Mackaaij
Worcade, Marketing

«When the team set out with the goal of exposing 10 million students to computer science during Computer Science Education Week, internationalization wasn't even on our radar. There was simply an impossible number of things to do and our small team was focused on the US. But once we saw the international response to our promotional efforts, we knew we needed to localize, and fast! Crowdin was the clear tool of choice and the Crowdin support team was instrumental in helping make CS Ed Week a global success, with 15 million participants from over 150 countries, and available in more than 20 languages.»

Brandon Bloom, Engineer

«Thank you so much! Your platform looks awesome. I wish we had known this earlier. We will advertise the fact we are using your service whenever possible. We have a large fan base, and volunteers eager to contribute. Cheers!»

Changpeng Zhao
Blockchain, Head of Development
«With over 300 translators working on our projects, managing the translation is no easy task. Luckily, your platform has proved to be very helpful and I am very happy with the service. I'd also like to add that your customer support team is amazing -- always sending quick and easy-to-follow instructions.»
Stefan Lučić
— Stefan Lučić, Translation Manager

«The feeling of having friends come into a community is so great. Thanks given to Crowdin team for creating such a community and offering help when in need..»
Ada Lixue
— Ada Lixue Huawei, Globalization Project Manager

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