Agile localization for customer support teams

Documentation relevant to customers worldwide

Localized resources can boost your sales, training, and support efforts on a global scale. Set processes up once, then create, change, and localize content without getting developers involved.

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Brands localizing docs and resources with Crowdin

Localize any content

  • Knowledge base articles

  • Technical documentation

  • FAQs

  • User guides

  • Help centers

  • Manuals

"When we developed Docusaurus to make it easy to create great open source websites, localization was a primary support feature. Crowdin has made it easy for those websites to add translations, helping project owners provide a more global documentation reach. And the Crowdin support team is awesome!"


Integration with the services you love

Salesforce Knowledge

Perfect for agile teams

By automating processes, you can speed up workflow and release updates on time.

  • Start localizing resources before release

  • Automate the management of vast amounts of content

  • Minimize effort and eliminate manual steps

Synchronized content

With a cloud-based solution, your articles and their translations will always be synchronized.

  • Crowdin detects every change

  • Translators are notified about new strings

  • You stay updated on progress

Consistent translations

Your contributors will get all the context and assistance they need while working on your Crowdin project.

Help your translators be more efficient by supplying them with translations performed quickly by the most popular machine translation engines. Each translation can then be easily reviewed and edited by real people, which saves a lot of time.

No need to translate the same title or notice across several projects. Simply get smart translations suggested based on translations already made in Crowdin.

Ensure that feature names and other terms specific to your product are consistently translated across each language. Terms are highlighted for translators with tips for the best translations, including which terms shouldn't be translated.

Provide your translators with immediate context for their translations so they can easily adjust them to fit your app's UI and be relative to other content on the page.

Upload screenshots, and tag all the relative content from your project in one click. With screenshots, translators will understand the context better and thus make relative translations faster.

Support is just a click away

If you need assistance, Crowdin Support is available 24/7. Whether it's introductory settings or any advanced feature, we're there. We're available at any time, day or night, via live chat, phone, and email.


"I love Crowdin, it has driven out translations for our applications quickly thanks to 600 passionate translators. Thank you for helping us translating MusiXmatch in 42 languages, you are awesome!"

Massimo Ciociola
Massimo Ciociola Founder and CEO

Turn complex workflow into an enjoyable localization experience

Create or update content directly in your help center.

Content gets exported to Crowdin automatically

Translators and proofreaders work on it in Crowdin

The minute the content is fully translated, it's imported back

You can publish it in as many languages as you need

Agile localization for all of your teams

Automate source content updates for translation. Receive translations, then make decisions about merging and publication.

Crowdin for development

An agile approach to all localization processes

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Crowdin for marketing

Marketing content that resonates across the globe

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