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Crowdin on Mobile App Localization

 Crowdin on Mobile App Localization

Learn How to Create Localized App for Users Around the World

  • Do you want to reach new markets and grow your app audience?

  • Do you want to improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty?

  • Do you want to maximize app downloads and revenue?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to localize your app.

Localization is the process of adapting your app to different languages and cultures. It's not just about translating text, but also about adjusting graphics, measurements, currencies, and other aspects of your app to make it suitable for your target audience.

But localization can be challenging and time-consuming. You need to manage multiple files, formats, tools, and teams. You need to sync content updates, provide context for translators, integrate design into localization, and ensure quality and consistency.

That's why you need Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization software for teams. It helps you create and manage all your multilingual content in one place. You can connect 550+ tools to translate your app content, automate content sync, provide context for translators, use machine translation, integrate with iOS and Android SDKs, and much more.

With Crowdin, you can speed up localization and create a native experience for your app users around the world.

The outline of ebook:

  • Introduction to Mobile App Localization
  • Mobile App Localization and Mobile App Internationalization
  • Why Should You Localize Your App
  • Mobile App Localization Process and What’s Next
  • How to Provide Context for Translators
  • Tips for Translation Ios and Android App at the Same Time
  • Benefits and Ways of Using Machine Translation
  • ASO Best Practices
  • Continuous Localization Is a Must-Have for App Localization
  • Final Thoughts and First Steps to Get Started
  • Additional Learning Resources