Open-source project setup request form

Crowdin is completely free of charge for open-source projects. We love the open-source philosophy and are eager to support community projects.

Before submitting this form, please ensure that your project meets the following criteria:

  1. You have created a translation project in Crowdin.
  2. The project is licensed under an approved license from an open-source initiative.
  3. Your project's source code is publicly available for download.
  4. You do not have any commercial products related to the open-source project you are requesting a license for.
  5. You are the project lead.
  6. You have been working on your open-source project for at least three months.
  7. You have an active community of collaborators.
  8. You keep the "News" section of your website up to date.
  9. You release updated builds on a regular basis.
Note: As an Open Source project maintainer by submitting the form you agree to:
  • join Crowdin beta group and try Crowdin's latest features,
  • contribute your project translations to Crowdin Global TM and gain access to Crowdin Neural Machine Translator.

The requirements do not apply to paid customers.