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CM Game

Hi, thank you for volunteering to help us with our translations!

Here's a general guide:
1. Always translate the main strings of the application first
2. Move to the Google Play description page, then do the other files
3. Never translate the codes (%2$s, %1$s, %2$d, %1$d, %1$d%%, %1$s%%, …, &, "<font color=#3da8d4 >%1$s</font>" etc.) in the strings, applications names (Clean Master, CM Browser, etc.) and watch the URLs (sometime you get a translation suggestion but with a URL different from the string you are working in)
4. Avoid automatic translation as much as possible
5. If you're not too confident in your translation ability, you can vote on suggested translations and/or submit corrections if you see a spelling or grammar mistake.

Community Request:

Thanks for your contribution!