Thi (swfsql)
This project aims to facilitate writing, translation and publication (digital files) of libertarian and anarcho-capitalist text resources.

We want many more people to be able to read the produced material, and for that, we need reorganize, so most of the languages will be disabled for a while.

But we have all of the files, so don't worry, your translation are safe.

Currently, we want to add more books (10+) and essays (20+), but it's needed that each language has a better coordination: that only a small group of people work on the same text, so word and meaning coherence is preserved - and that some will volunteer to do a final proofreading on such text. There can be a lot of translators, but they will need to be be organized in teams to be consistently working on different books/essays.
This requires some form of organization that will have to take place outside of Crowdin.

Some languages already were able to have the translations in the PDF format:
We are working to improve the PDF generation as well, to add more features such as the name and contact info of the translators, and to add other languages.

Me in particular (Thi/swfsql) have a full-time work and have almost no time to analyze the Github pull requests and the background check every contributor that wants to be a proofreader - this is also why we need to restructure.
I'm sorry if I take very long for replying you.

Finally, please see the README file on the Github project description:

We will try to organize each language, one by one.

Thank you very much and please, give us some time we need to organize :)


All rooted folder contents are CC-BY-SA instead stated otherwise in it's info.yml "license" attribute.

Needs Translation:
Translate from-en to Filipino language
translated: 76%
Translate from-en to Hausa language
translated: 8%
Translate from-en to Igbo language
translated: 0%
Translate from-en to Malay language
translated: 5%
Translate from-en to Nigerian Pidgin language
Nigerian Pidgin
translated: 4%
Translate from-en to Persian language
translated: 0%
Translate from-en to Portuguese language
translated: 28%
Translate from-en to Portuguese, Brazilian language
Portuguese, Brazilian
translated: 31%
Translate from-en to Tagalog language
translated: 42%
Translate from-en to Urdu (India) language
Urdu (India)
translated: 12%
Translate from-en to Urdu (Pakistan) language
Urdu (Pakistan)
translated: 11%
Translate from-en to Yoruba language
translated: 4%
Source language:


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