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Greetings Freelancers, Mercenaires, Наёмники! Welcome to the Atlas Reactor translation project.
Log in or sign up for a new Crowdin account (all you need is an email address), select your language(s), select a file, and jump right in! We are incredibly grateful for each and every contribution.

Here are a few guidelines to achieve the best gameplay experience with our translations:
- With each language, please start with the glossary file for easier referencing and improved consistency.
- Translation: Please only translate into languages you know well.
- Voting: Voting on other users’ translations helps us implement the best possible text into the game!
- Please message us about issues or suggestions! We ask that messages are written in English, so that our team can respond as soon as possible. You can also visit our localization forums ( to share them with a larger audience. Thank you for your help!

If you’d like to bring Atlas Reactor to a language that is not listed, please contact the project owner ( and we may add it at a later time. However, please note that we are currently focusing on bringing the game to the following target languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish. French, German, and the majority of Russian work is being done separately.
Needs Translation:
Translate Atlas Reactor to Chinese Simplified language
Chinese Simplified
translated: 17%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Czech language
translated: 4%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Hungarian language
translated: 5%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Indonesian language
translated: 7%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Italian language
translated: 98%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Polish language
translated: 95%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Portuguese, Brazilian language
Portuguese, Brazilian
translated: 99%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Romanian language
translated: 13%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Spanish language
translated: 99%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Turkish language
translated: 11%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Ukrainian language
translated: 4%
Translate Atlas Reactor to Vietnamese language
translated: 1%
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