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Axel Dürkop (xldrkp)

Hop-on is an open interactive information platform for adult newcomers, who want to build upon their previous professional skills. It provides two tools for autonomous orientation in the vocational system in Germany. Both "Fahrplan" and "Buch" are combined in a Django Application in three languages. The "Fahrplan" leads to elaborated results, assisting newcomers in finding suitable counsellors. The "Buch" contains information on the German professional system.


The German educational system is probably one of the most complex ones worldwide. The vocational training system is unknown outside of German speaking countries. Therefore, it is more than difficult for people who migrate to Germany to understand the professional system and the meaning of a vocational certificate on the German labour market as well as the possibilities for adult education and counselling.

We want to empower newcomers in Germany to continue or start a vocational education aiming at a vocational certificate based on their former professional experiences. For that purpose we developed a roadmap ("Fahrplan") that provides several questions and, based on the answers, an individual result with possible next steps and a recommendation to make use of the many free counselling services.


"Hop-on Buch" and "Hop-on Ergebnisse" are Open Educational Resources (OER) and are licensed CC-BY.
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