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HPO Translation Project.
This is an ongoing project. HPO is aiming at translating all labels, synonyms and textual definitions into various languages. Of course, every translator with a significant amount of contributions (lets say 200 translations) will be part of the publication about the translation effort.
Homepage: http://www.human-phenotype-ontology.org
If you have questions, please contact dr.sebastian.koehler@gmail.com

Further info regarding usage:

If you want, you can now filter the Strings that are to be translated to the primary labels (i.e. no synonyms or definitions). For this you have enter "label of" in the search field at the top-left corner. Below the search field will appear an optional filter field, where you must click on "Context". Now your list of untranslated Strings will only contain primary labels of HPO terms.

If you want to focus on a specific sub-ontology, you can enter one of the following values in the search field (please put them in quotations marks):
abnormality of head or neck, abnormality of connective tissue, abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis, modifier, inheritance, abnormality of the ear, abnormality of the endocrine system, frequency, abnormality of the genitourinary system, abnormality of the integument, abnormality of the musculature, abnormality of the respiratory system, mortality_aging, abnormality of the breast, abnormality of the thoracic cavity, abnormality of limbs, abnormality of the eye, abnormality of the voice, abnormality of the cardiovascular system, abnormality of the immune system, abnormality of prenatal development or birth, abnormality of blood and blood-forming tissues, growth abnormality, constitutional symptom, abnormality of the skeletal system, neoplasm, abnormality of the nervous system, abnormal cellular phenotype, abnormality of the digestive system

(Again, you will have to select "Context" for the correct filtering)

This functionality was requested by several users, and it is the best solution I could come up with so far.
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