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Open project for translating the game MewnBase from English to a handful of other languages. If you'd like to translate the game into a language that isn't listed, just let me know and I'll add it (as long as the fonts support it). As each language gets updated, and looks like it's in decent shape, I'll roll it out in the next version of the game. Important note: this is totally a community/volunteer effort. Any community translations provided via Crowdin may be included in future releases of the game without any sort of compensation (money) or credit being given - however I will try to add major contributors to the game's credits list.
Needs Translation:
Translate MewnBase to Catalan language
translated: 94%
Translate MewnBase to Danish language
translated: 0%
Translate MewnBase to Korean language
translated: 75%
Translate MewnBase to Portuguese language
translated: 94%
Translate MewnBase to Russian language
translated: 99%
Translate MewnBase to Spanish language
translated: 94%
Translate MewnBase to Turkish language
translated: 90%
Translated, but Needs to be Voted:
Translate MewnBase to Chinese Simplified language
Chinese Simplified
approved: 0%
Translate MewnBase to Czech language
approved: 0%
Translate MewnBase to French language
approved: 1%
Translate MewnBase to German language
approved: 2%
Translate MewnBase to Italian language
approved: 0%
Translate MewnBase to Polish language
approved: 4%
Translate MewnBase to Portuguese, Brazilian language
Portuguese, Brazilian
approved: 5%
Source language:

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