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Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics platform - where you can search, enjoy, and share lyrics from any track, anywhere in the world.

Musixmatch’s lyrics catalog is created, synched, and translated by millions of contributors from the Musixmatch community.

We need your help translating our apps and website in your language so more people around the world will be able to enjoy lyrics.

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📚 Translation Guidelines

▪️1. Tone
Remember Musixmatch in English is written in a friendly, fresh and casual style.
You do not need to translate literally or word-for-word, but where possible please try to preserve a friendly tone with your translation.

▪️2. Proper Names
Proper names or product names do not need to be translated.
i.e. "LyricsCard" and "FloatingLyrics".

▪️3. Placeholders
Some of the strings that you will be translating contain placeholders (pieces of text that will automatically be replaced with other pieces of text).
Placeholders are anticipated by %.
The following is an example of string containing a placeholder:
" Level %1$d"
All placeholders in a string should not be modified.

😱 If your translation is already 100%, do not panic, you can still participate by improving the translations and/or voting for translations you think are the best.
Needs Translation:
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Chinese Simplified language
Chinese Simplified
translated: 96%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Chinese Traditional language
Chinese Traditional
translated: 88%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Dutch language
translated: 97%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to German language
translated: 95%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Korean language
translated: 89%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Polish language
translated: 91%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Portuguese language
translated: 99%
Translated, but Needs to be Voted:
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Indonesian language
approved: 99%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Italian language
approved: 95%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Portuguese, Brazilian language
Portuguese, Brazilian
approved: 97%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to French language
approved: 100%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Japanese language
approved: 100%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Russian language
approved: 100%
Translate Musixmatch iOS to Spanish language
approved: 100%
Source language:


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