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Greetings, Trovians! Welcome to the Trove translation project.

Log in or sign up for a new Crowdin account (all you need is an email address), select your language(s), select a file, and jump right in! We are incredibly grateful for each and every contribution.

Here are a few guidelines to achieve the best localized gameplay experience:
- Start with the glossary! This will give all of the translators helping out a solid base of common terms to use. This will also help improve consistency by making sure everyone uses the same word for "blocks," or "Neon Ninja," etc.
- Translating: We know this is Trove, but don't be a blockhead! :) Please only translate if you know the target language very well.
- Voting: Voting on other users’ translations helps us implement the best possible text into the game! Don't be afraid to downvote a translation you think could be improved; more importantly, don't be afraid to upvote translations perfect for the atmosphere of Trove!
- Character Limits: The character limits are based on the English, French, and German text that we already know fits the UI. If your translation exceeds the character limit, consider abbreviating something or using a synonym! For example, if your translation of "Cursed Vale" doesn't fit the character limit, what about a translation that's more like Dark Vale? Shade Vale? Deep Vale? The key is to capture the flavor of the game and the essence of your language! Keep in mind that many parts of the UI are limited on space, and some terms are used in multiple locations. A term may fit easily in one window, but not in another--hence the character limit.
- Character Counter: Please note the format of the character-counter when you're translating a string. The counter shows the source character count first, then your current count. I.e. an English string containing 104 strings will show as 104/0. If you type 99 characters in it, it will then show as 104/99.
- Please send us your questions, suggestions, and text bugs on our forums, OR via Crowdin! We ask that forum posts and messages are written in English, so that our team can respond as soon as possible.
- Note that \n indicates a linebreak.
***Thank you SO MUCH for your help and may the blocks be with you!**
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