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  • Translations for the Catrobat project (Pocket Code, Pocket Paint, ...):

    Want to help us translate our Apps and Webpages into your language? Please register on for the language you can help translate. Even languages not directly supported by Android or iOS are welcome, as we are working on a way to switch manually to these languages. If your language is missing, please contact us via --- and even if some languages are already partly translated, any additional help will help a lot as the translation tasks can be split up among several translators. All translators are added to our page.

    We are all pro-bono unpaid volunteers working in our free time on this not-for-profit free open source project aiming at increasing computational thinking skills among teens and kids all around the world. Our apps will always remain free of ads and free of costs. This allows the project to remain independent of any financing and ensures that it can keep running basically forever, so there is no danger that we will stop working on it. Already more than 300 volunteers have contributed to our project so far. Please join us!

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