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  • Welcome to the official PrestaShop translations repository for versions 1.6 and 1.7!
    The project is open and is here for you to contribute to the translation of the software PrestaShop. We gladly accept any help :)

    If you don't have a Crowdin account yet,
    - Create an account by clicking on "Sign up"
    - When back on the PrestaShop page, click on the language you want to translate (please do not pick a random language)
    - Click on "Join"
    - Tell us why you want to help translate this project and your background with PrestaShop and the selected language
    Once your membership has been approved by the team, you'll be able to contribute!

    Translating our software implies working for free and granting to PrestaShop a free use of your content.

    In accordance with the spirit of our community, being a contributor to the PrestaShop translation implies sharing your work with PrestaShop and the community for free, as a volunteer.
    By contributing to the project, you grant to PrestaShop a perpetual license on the content you submit to the project. This license implies granting use, modification, improvement, distribution and deletion of your contributions to the administrator of the project (which means the PrestaShop SA company). It does not grant you the ability to request the removal of your contributions from the project.
    Contributing to this project implies that you are the author of the content or that you are authorized by the content author to submit these contributions to PrestaShop.

    Resources to help you with the translation

    Translate in context with the Live Translation module
    Contribute to the translation of PrestaShop directly from your own shop and administration panel.

    How to use the module:
    - Install the module by uploading this zip file to your shop (in Modules page): Live Translation module
    - Log in to your Crowdin account
    - Go to the Live translation module configuration
    - Click on "Translate" for either back or front office
    - Translate
    - Click on "Disable" when you're done translating. Do not forget this last part ^^

    Should you have any questions, please drop us an e-mail at

    Thank you for your help!!

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