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  • Welcome to the official PrestaShop translations repository for versions 1.6 and 1.7!
    The project is open, we gladly accept any contribution :)

    *** 1.7.1 version is now available on Crowdin***
    Read more about it here:

    You can translate it more easily by using the LIVE TRANSLATION module. Just install it from the PrestaShop module page, and you can translate 1.7.1.x in context!

    Translating our software implies working for free and granting to PrestaShop a free use of your content.

    In accordance with the spirit of our community, being a contributor to the PrestaShop translation implies sharing your work with PrestaShop and the community for free, as a volunteer.
    By contributing to the project, you grant to PrestaShop a perpetual license on the content you submit to the project. This license implies granting use, modification, improvement, distribution and deletion of your contributions to the administrator of the project (which means the PrestaShop SA company). It does not grant you the ability to request the removal of your contributions from the project.
    Contributing to this project implies that you are the author of the content or that you are authorized by the content author to submit these contributions to PrestaShop.

    To get all the information about translating PrestaShop in Crowdin, read our Translator’s guide:

    *** Translate 1.6 in priority ***
    If your language isn't fully translated in 1.6, you should start by translating the 1.6 project first. Indeed, translations propagate from the 1.6 project to the 1.7.1, so it will prevent you for doing the same work twice (once in 1.6, and once in 1.7.1). Thank you!

    If your language is not listed here, tell us and we'll be happy to add it if you're ready to translate!

    See the top achievements for this translation project and what languages are still left to translated on your Translator Page, our tribute to the community of translators!

    Read the latest news about the project on our devblog:

    and a visual look back on the project in 2016:

    Should you have any questions, please drop us an e-mail at

    Thank you for your help!!

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