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  • Open project. Translating from English to 1 language.
  • These guides are built to provide tools and a community for women to understand technology and how to build their ideas. Organize your own events, submit new guides, or just use them to learn Rails. For more, add yourself to the team mailing list.


    Turkish guide: http://railsgirls-tr.github.io/

    If you would like your language to be added please contact us.
  • This project is not maintained by the Django Girls organization itself.

    These are the manuals prepared by Django Girls.

    Organizer's Manual
    "We have written down everything we know about organizing workshops like Django Girls. It's a handbook for organizers of local events, but can be used to organize any kind of workshop."

    Coaching Manual
    "A good coaching approach is the most important part of Django Girls events. Learn how to be a good coach, what the rules are and what we believe in. This can be used for coaching any event -- not only Django Girls workshops."

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