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MagneticOne developed a series of software to improve your e-business. We love automating things and strongly believe that Internet-based business should be automated as much as possible.

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  • Open project. Translating from Ukrainian to 4 languages.
  • BetaEasy is equally useful for web sites/applications as well as for classic desktop applications. Service helps you to built your own community of users who will cooperate with you and contribute to your website/software improvement. All feedback is collected in one place, priorities are clearly identified, feedback is turned to improvement. It's easy to get started:
  • Cart2Cart - shopping cart migration service will help you to automatically migrate important store information (customers, orders, products etc) from your current shopping cart to another one.
  • BetaEasy Contribution Form (web)
  • Yaware - is an efficient fully automated system for tracking your employee working time. Yaware allows monitoring your employees working time and productivity from anywhere in the world!
  • Yaware Caategorization
  • FeedPlatform helps you to optimize and distribute single feed to multiple comparison shopping engines/affiliate networks and get targetted traffic to your website, than save your costs by constantly monitoring and optimizing it's quality.

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