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  • osu!Sync is a tool for a game called osu! which helps you to export, share and backup your beatmaps in a small and handy file, a beatmap list file. These beatmap lists can be shared simply via any file hoster. When importing beatmaps osu!Sync automatically downloads the beatmaps and installs them to osu!. You can also export your beatmap lists to other formats like JSON, SVG, HTML.

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    # Update translations
    Since osu!Sync loads its translations from external files. If you want to manually update the translations you can do so by downloading the ZIP from Crowdin ( and replacing the corresponding *.xaml-file in the /l10n-directory inside your osu!Sync installation.
    If a new build of the translation-project is required you can request one by visiting this link:
    To avoid abuse a new build can be requested only once every 2 hours.

    # Request new languages
    Of course all languages are gladly welcomed, so if you want to request a new one which isn't listed yet please PM me, naseweis520, here Make sure to set the To-Field to "naseweis520", Subject to "[osu!Sync] Language Request: {ReplaceWithRequestedLanguage}" and write something nice in the message, or not, if you don't want to. :D

    # Criteria
    New translations will be bundled in the next update as soon as they reach 80% or more.
    If a translation is below 65% when an update is being prepared it won't be bundled with it until it has reached 80% again.

    # Self attribution
    After translating, feel free to add yourself to the list of translators in the corresponding language. You did a great job and deserve some credit! Just search for "Meta_translators".

    # Guide Lines
    ## de_DE (Deutsch)
    • Verwende die Du-Form
    ## en_UD ((uʍop ǝpısdn) ɥsıןƃuǝ)
    • sןɹn dıןɟ ʇ,uop
    • sɹǝqɯnu dıןɟ ʇ,uop :ǝsn

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