Quick Start

I am a Manager

This guide is for users who create or maintain translation projects.

I am a Translator

Quick guide on how to get started with Crowdin for translators.

Creating a project

To get started with Crowdin you should prepare the localization files of your application or the document files you would like to translate.

Before creating your first project you have to signup or log in with your Crowdin account.

When you log in, you will see the "Create Project" menu item in the main menu.

After clicking the project creation screen will appear. Let split the new project creation wizard to three steps.

Create New Project

1. Project Settings

The project name asked here might be your application name or anything associated with your translation materials. This name will be used when displaying your project on Crowdin pages or for translators finding you (for public projects).

The second field is the project identifier. It is used to identify your project when creating unique URL's for your project pages, integrating with Crowdin API and more. The value for this field will be generated automatically after you type the project name, and you can modify it if necessary.

The Join Policy is the set of your project privacy rules. It defines whether your project will be visible for everyone at Crowdin or only for invited translators.


Everyone can find your translation project, even unregistered users. Your project will be indexed by Google. The translation editor will be available for registered Crowdin users.


The project becomes completely hidden from everyone in Crowdin except the project owner and invited participants. The Search engines do not index private projects, projects can not be found via Crowdin search. When a third-party person is viewing a translator profile and the translator is involved in the private project, it will not be displayed for the viewer.

Use only application name when creating new Crowdin project, it is not recommended to use names like "MyApplication Translation", the correct name will be "MyApplication".

It is not recommended to use your application versions in the project identifier (even if the version is present in the project name). Keep the project identifier clear, only the app name in identifier is the best option. (The project identifier can not be changed after the project has been created)

Create project

2. Project Languages

The source language field defines the language your application has been developed with. This field can not be changed after the project is created.

Also it is required to specify the project target languages. To make the languages filtering easier you can use the input field above the languages list.

After languages are selected, click the "Create Project" button to confirm project's creation.

Target Languages

3. Managing localization files

Once the project will be created successfully, you will appear on the project settings page (Files tab) and you can start uploading files for translation by clicking the "Upload Files" button.

In case localization files are not prepared for localization yet but you'd like to test the localization project, click the "Start with Samples" button to upload sample files to the project.

Moreover, you can check the available integration methods and invite developers from your team as the project managers.

New Project Files

Click "Create Project" button below to proceed to Project Creation Wizard. It will lead you step-by-step through project setup.
The Wizard is well-documented, with "inline" help available. The whole process will only take you a few minutes.