Live Webinar

Crowdin's approach to continuous localization.

«Spend less time on localization with Crowdin + Git integrations»

Olia, Business Development Manager at Crowdin

Crowdin is cloud-based localization management software with 1.7M registered users and 100K+ localization projects from all over the world. Crowdin helps companies streamline their growth by reaching people who speak different languages. Trusted by GitHub, Avast, GitLab, Buffer, Calendly, Wrike, and other companies creating multilingual products.

On this webinar, we’ll discuss how to ship faster with localization running in parallel with development. You can keep developing new features and improvements while translators receive new texts in real-time. Developers can receive new translations as merge requests without giving translators any access to the code repo. Release multilingual versions for customers around the globe simultaneously.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Release new features in several languages at once

  • Localize content on development stage

  • Reduce time developers spend on localization for at least 15%

  • Automate content updates, both for sources and translations

  • Make sure placeholders are translated properly

  • Sync your repo with your localization project in Crowdin

Ready to go global?