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Running multilingual campaigns with Crowdin and Dyspatch

Crowdin + Dyspatch

Effective communication is the key to connecting with your customers and building lasting relationships. As your business expands and reaches a global audience, it becomes imperative to optimize your email marketing strategy for a multilingual audience.

Learn how to run multilingual campaigns and about the potential of personalized content:

  • Boost conversions and maximize ROI
  • Minimize customer churn and increase retention
  • Foster strong customer loyalty and advocacy

Don't miss out! Join us, Crowdin and Dyspatch, as we bring you real-life success stories and share actionable tips and tricks to seamlessly scale your campaigns from a single locale to multiple markets.

Team Member Khrystyna Humenna

Khrystyna Humenna

Head of Marketing, Crowdin

Khrystyna is Head of Marketing at Crowdin, during the last six years at the company, she interviewed dozens of customers and knows the ins and outs of multiple localization projects.

Guest Speaker Cindy Langlois

Cindy Langlois

Localization expert, Dyspatch

Cindy Langlois is a seasoned localization expert, dedicated to breaking language barriers and helping businesses connect with global audiences effortlessly.

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