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Insights for localization managers for 2023: Q&A with Sarah Rosales-Hunt

«From multilingual UI to multilingual company»

We’ll have a live discussion with Sarah Rosales-Hunt, who’s currently a Head of Product Content and Localization at Humu (ex. Sr. Localization Project Manager, Slack). After working both at the agency and client side, Sarah has vast experience to share. We'll be discussing what are the basic elements for a successful localization initiative, how to work with content, and how to get ready for expanding to new markets.

Crowdin is a cloud-based localization management software. With over 2M registered users and 100K+ localization projects from all over the world. Crowdin helps companies streamline their growth by reaching people who speak different languages. Trusted by Humu, Calendly, Mojang Studios, GitLab, and other companies creating multilingual products.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Where does localization start?
  • What kind of content should be localized first?
  • What are the main elements of a successful localization project?
  • A one-man band is also a team.
  • What are the types of localization teams?
  • What to expect from your localization software?
  • Automating localization regardless of where your content lives

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Guest Speaker Sarah Rosales-Hunt

Sarah Rosales-Hunt

Head of Product Content and Localization, Humu (ex. Sr. Localization Project Manager, Slack)

Sarah Rosales-Hunt is the Head of Product Content and Localization at Humu. With more than a decade of experience on both the client and vendor side of localization, Sarah excels at creating repeatable, scalable processes that allow companies to thrive in international markets.

Guest Speaker Matt Grotenstein

Matt Grotenstein

Localization Expert, Performance Localization

Translation industry expert and CEO of Performance Localization. Matt's prior experience included roles as Chief Revenue Officer at e2f and Vice President of Client Development at Acclaro. He has worked with a number of companies on US market entry and global growth strategy since joining the industry in 2009.

Team Member Khrystyna Humenna

Khrystyna Humenna

Head of Marketing, Crowdin

Khrystyna is Head of Marketing at Crowdin, during the last six years at the company, she interviewed dozens of customers and knows the ins and outs of multiple localization projects.

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