Talent Manager

Ternopil, Ukraine


We are a product-based company in Ternopil working on a localization management platform - crowdin.com. You can find Microsoft, eBay, Huawei, Kickstarter, Avast, Ask.fm and many more among our customers. In a few years Crowdin transformed from a hobby project of a few people into a team of 35 professionals working on one of the best localization management platforms in the world. As a result - almost a million of users from all around the world (well, North Korea might be an exception =).

We are convinced that a talent should be embraced. A small product-based company is a place where it can be done. Our aim is to gather all the best professionals, and we believe that you is to become one in our team. We are both interested in your constant professional development that is why it’s a win-win situation.

Our best job candidate is a person with a working experience in a tech company on a same position. Strategic views for building a working HR-strategy and management skills for its implementation are expected.

We believe that this position is a soul of the company. That is why we are looking for a Talent Manager who will share our values and believes and would be able to instill these principles in our co-workers; who would inspire our team, bring better results, be capable and enjoy working with people and also be fond of technologies.

What you will be doing:

  • Development and implementation of HR strategies;
  • Analysis and optimization of existing processes, adding new view on a team work improvement, and creating effective working environment;
  • Set effective internal communications and teamwork;
  • Instill in co-workers values and culture of the company as well as aspire them, and create a friendly working atmosphere;
  • Improve company’s employer brand and establish effective external communications for finding the best and the most gifted candidates;
  • Keep up with the job market and analyse competitors in order to be on top of things and make our company the best place to work.

You are welcome to send your CV today. In any case, you’ll be making a new valuable connections.

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If you know someone who is a perfect candidate for this position - feel free to tell them about us. If you bring us a successful candidate you have a chance of getting an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Engineering at Crowdin

Engineering at Crowdin

Our product is the best because its dynamic, scalable, user-friendly and simply awesome. Our engineers are the ones who make it all possible.

Benefits at Crowdin

Benefits at Crowdin

We offer our co-workers constant growth and encouragement through educational opportunities, benefits, welcoming environment, and more.



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