New Feature: Versions Management

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The new Version Control feature we introduce today can significantly reduce the delay “after development before deploy” that usually agile companies struggle with. Time saving is achieved by letting translators work in parallel to developers. Generally speaking, every string created or modified by developer becomes available to translator almost immediately. Even if there are several teams working on different improvements.

The only thing that we strongly recommend you to consider in your development workflow is the agreement with developers do not commit texts to the code repository if they are most likely not going to be used in a final product. Otherwise, there might be some overhead and translators will work on the texts that may never appear in the released product.

The new workflow Crowdin recommends to implement:

This is how Crowdin CLI command looks like if you upload source texts from the branch:

$ crowdin-cli upload sources -b {branch_name}

That new branch is visible to translators also but contains only difference comparing to the “master” branch. Depending on the workflow you set, translators get notified about the new texts and start working. When the development is finished and developers “merge to master”, the translations can be downloaded from Crowdin as the following:

$ crowdin-cli upload sources -b master
$ crowdin-cli download -b master

More about and How To Guide

This new feature will also become the great helper for companies that maintain several versions of the same product, for example one can have product 6.x still supported along with 7.x. Crowdin Versions Control allows to translate and review identical texts from both versions only once and the translation will migrate to others. This is great efficiency improvement comparing to the traditional way of solving the problem with Translation Memory.

Serhiy Dmytryshyn

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