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Crowdin Language Services: The Fastest Way to Make Your Content Multilingual

5 mins read

Crowdin Language Services: The Fastest Way to Make Your Content Multilingual

Our new offer – Crowdin Language Services, is the fastest way to prepare content for your multilingual audience. Along with the localization management platform, we now deliver professional translation services.

Want to reach a multilingual market? Now you have a quick and easy solution. Upload your files and order translations from a new vendor – Crowdin Language Services.

A Closer Look at Crowdin Mobile SDK Extras: Real-Time Preview and Screenshots

6 mins read

The key idea behind developing Crowdin Mobile SDK was to help you make the apps you build accessible to global customers faster, keeping your data secure, and ensuring the high quality of translation. Hence, Over-the-Air Content Delivery allows you to update the translated strings of the iOS and Android apps instantly. Without submitting a new app version on the App Store or Google Play each time new translations arrive.

Along with CDN, Crowdin Mobile SDK allows you to set up two additional features. Both Screenshots and Real-Time Preview are not aimed at your end-users but will help to give translators functional and visual context. Learn how you can integrate SDK extras in your app localization workflow and get better translations.

Working on a Specific Task in the Editor Got Easier

3 mins read

Task mode in the Editor

Localization managers tell us every day they’ve been using tasks in Crowdin to arrange the translation process more and more often. There’s a distinct reason for that. With tasks, you can assign files to specific people or split content between translators equally. The more localization teams use tasks in Crowdin, the better the functionality should become. That’s why we decided to improve the way translators work on a specific task in the Editor.

There’s now better navigation between tasks and files. Translators can search for strings and translations as well as replace translations only within a task. For offline translation, there’s the ability to download strings from a specific task. Besides, translators now preview the whole file but access only those strings assigned within a task. All to help translators stay focused and managers get the work done on time with less effort.

Over-The-Air Content Delivery for Android and iOS Apps

4 mins read

Over-The-Air Content Delivery

Make translations of your app accessible to your users in a click with Crowdin Over-the-Air Content Delivery for mobile apps.

No need to release a new version of the app on the App Store or Google Play each time you want to publish new translations. Install Crowdin SDK on your app and deliver ready translations from your Crowdin project immediately. Two additional features will help to upload screenshots automatically and preview translations in the app in real-time.

Crowdin for Students: Bring Agile Localization to the Classroom

2 mins read

Crowdin + GitHub Student Developer Pack

Crowdin joins the GitHub Student Developer Pack program to help students build software that speaks different languages. If you are a student enrolled in the Pack program, you will get a free annual subscription to Crowdin Bronze plan. Your project is open-source? Request an open-source license and use Crowdin for free forever. We love open-source philosophy and support young professionals that seek real-world experience in software localization.

Always-Available Support for All Crowdin Customers Globally

3 mins read

crowdin 24/7 support

At Crowdin we take customer support very seriously and never compromise its quality. Because offering round-the-clock support is a big undertaking, we decided to test it before going public. We’ve been silently offering 24/7 support for a couple of months to make sure everything runs smoothly. And now we’re proud to announce – every Crowdin customer can now count on quick and competent answers from our Customer Success team whenever they need us. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Introducing New Instant Notifications and Slack Integration

4 mins read

crowdin slack integration notifications

Agile teams rely on a variety of tools to collaborate and move projects forward. The better the solutions work together, the easier it is to manage information flows and keep up with the updates. Crowdin introduces new notification system and Slack integration to help you stay in the loop. Crowdin updates now become more flexible, clear, and fine-grained. All to make sure you get the right information where you need it.

Additional Security for Your Crowdin Profile and Projects

4 mins read

additional security for project

Our users spread the agile localization culture globally and it is Crowdin’s primary mission to ensure a safe environment for all the teams cooperating. That’s how data security and clients’ privacy became our high priority questions.

Make Sure Developers Keep up with Mistakes in the Source Strings

2 mins read

Now you can integrate your project in Crowdin with JIRA. This simplifies communication about mistakes in the source strings between translators and developers. Translators report mistake in the source string issues in Crowdin. Developers instantly know about them, because each becomes a sub-task in JIRA automatically. Once the mistakes are fixed and the strings in Crowdin are updated translators would be able to get down to making relevant translations. This way the localization process in your project would go faster.

GitLab. One More Integration to Our List!

1 min read

Crowdin and GitLab are working together to speed up, elaborate, and advance your localization process.

ICU Syntax in Crowdin

3 mins read

Wonderful news to welcome: up from now Crowdin is even more accessible to internationalization and localization! We implemented the best ICU syntax support on the market, considerably mature localization tool, which can advance high-quality translations for your projects. Just check it out!

Crowdin Integration with Desk!

1 min read

Great news for Crowdin & Desk users!

Crowdin and Desk.com are in the same league which means a mitigation of the pitfalls that users experience when trying to deal with translations of the Knowledge base.

Crowdin Now Integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket!

2 mins read

Developers and localization managers are the part of one tight unit now, because Crowdin integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket for all the organizational Crowdin subscriptions!

This means that all the new texts from pull requests are sent to localization at no time, all the translations are downloaded automatically and available for review at GitHub or Bitbucket and all this is synchronized and automated.

Preview of the In-built QA Check Tool

2 mins read

Today, we are announcing the in-built QA check tool. It will help your proofreaders do not waste their efforts, guarantee higher quality of translations, and save your manager’s time.

New Feature: Versions Management

2 mins read

The new Version Control feature we introduce today can significantly reduce the delay “after development before deploy” that usually agile companies struggle with. Time saving is achieved by letting translators work in parallel to developers. Generally speaking, every string created or modified by developer becomes available to translator almost immediately. Even if there are several teams working on different improvements.

Announcing the Poedit and Crowdin Integration

1 min read

We’re excited to announce a new integration with a Poedit, the legendary translation tool for Gettext resource files.

This integration makes the collaboration for Poedit users way easier. Now every translator that uses Poedit inside of one project, can synchronize his/her work with Crowdin as a central place that manages translations.

Fresh Crowdin’s Editor and New Workflows: Already in Action

2 mins read

Today, we’re releasing new workflows and translation editor that is much more modern and much easier to use.

Custom Languages, New Wordcount Algorithm, Improved Reports and More

3 mins read

Custom Languages

It was one of the most frequently requested features. From now on, you as a manager can create custom target languages. The usual use cases:

  • Adding not real languages (like Pirate English, LOLCAT, Klingon, etc.) Quite popular in tech geek communities and gaming world.
  • For rarely used dialects. Yes, Crowdin might not support some of them.
  • Not translation purposes. Sometimes our customers use the extra languages for proofreading of source texts or similar things, now it’s much easier to add those languages.

There is indeed a language that is not yet supported by Crowdin, so now you can add it.

July Update: New Features

3 mins read

Gross domestic product (GDP) of the USA in average grows for 3% per year. This is quite a tempo, and the index is pretty much the same among all developed countries.

What interesting is that this growth is almost entirely about technological progress.

With innovation and automation, people have wider possibilities and more time to produce more goods. And yes, this macroeconomics principle can be applied to any business.

Here at Crowdin we try to automate and optimize every single step during localization to save your time and resources. We keep the principle in mind each time we develop a new feature.

So we’re excited to share some recent improvements within Crowdin.

In-Context Localization Tool

3 mins read

Crowdin gives wide range of possibilities to provide contextual information to translators. We allow to upload screenshots to show where the text segment is being used in real product, comment segments, create glossary to highlight and explain important terms, collaborate on choosing best translation and more.

Today, after more than 6 months of active development, we release the public beta of our brand new In-Context localization tool for web applications called JIPT (Just In Place Translations).

JIPT allows translators to do their work right in the live application, immediately preview translation in original context thus produce best possible quality localization. All of the texts that are visible in browsers can be translated this way (including ones stored in the database).

Graphic Assets Localization Management

2 mins read

When the localization is completed all the imperfections are polished and every single text fits to the space it belongs to, it frequently appears that it is not really the end.

In fact, screenshots, logos and other non-textual materials with text on them remain untranslated.

To reduce the pain the one is feeling thinking about those graphics localization, we developed the solution to organize the process.

Story About Crowdin Machine Translations and Other Outstanding News

2 mins read

Have you ever feel inspired? If yes, you know how the inspiration could be: once you inspired no one can stop you from doing a lot of beautiful things.

And the inspiration given by customers’ positive feedback motivate our team to conquer the tops of localization dreams.

I am excited to present improvements that make Crowdin one of a kind.

Professional Translations at Crowdin

1 min read

Typical question of most of you after starting the Crowdin project was “How to get translators for my project”. Since Crowdin is crowdsourcing management platform we offered you to invite your communities/partners/colleagues to help with the translation. Still, sometimes it’s not enough.

When deadline is close and quality is critical you realize that the only way to proceed is to involve professionals. That brought additional expenses for organization and management process.

Another usual situation. Project is particularly translated by volunteers and considering close deadline you need to finish translation or just make sure crowd-made translations are of appropriate quality.

We can keep on counting the cases when support of professional linguists were required. Forget all those challenges. We’re excited to announce the solution today. Simple and automated as usual.

New “Undo” Feature in Project Activity Feed

2 mins read

You definitely had those minutes when you realize that unexpectedly all your solid efforts fall off the edge of the earth, or your work is so messed up that the only way to fix it is to start from the very beginning.

You could upload translation file for the wrong language or some of your evil translators spoiled the beautiful translation process by doing wrong translations.

There is no way you are going to experience those with Crowdin because we took care about your composure and comfort. New feature is entirely ready to make your project completely accurate and mess-free.

We call it “Activity Undo”, because it magically abolish all unnecessary and nonsensical actions of inexperienced translators, upset proofreaders or sleepy project managers (that is probably you) that made some fuzzy translation, votes, approvals or uploads.

You can monitor all the project activities and cancel actions you do not like or appreciate. You can be brutally honest to those actions that do not fit the concept of your project.