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Have you ever feel inspired? If yes, you know how the inspiration could be: once you inspired no one can stop you from doing a lot of beautiful things.

And the inspiration given by customers’ positive feedback motivate our team to conquer the tops of localization dreams.

I am excited to present improvements that make Crowdin one of a kind.

Pre-Translate via Google Translate or Microsoft Translator

It’s possible now to pre-translate files via machine translation engine and let translators only correct the suggestions. In some cases the feature simplifies the translation process and get all the preliminary work done before the actual translations begin.

Multilingual Spreadsheet files support (xlsx, csv)

Now Crowdin supports localization of multilingual spreadsheets that are so popular in game dev industry and not only there. Developers that work with CSV and XLSX files can forget their hard times with all the numerous language archives - there is no need to merge them anymore, they are already in a single file.

Actually, overall support of spreadsheet files has been significantly improved.

Webhooks via UI

The feature allows you to define URLs that Crowdin will open via HTTP notifying scripts on your side about certain events in the localization project.

And feel free to send your translators a “thank you card” after their hard work is completed and you get the automatic confirmation with webhooks help.

Expert Professional Translations

Need an expert-translator for your specific content? Crowdin got it.

Now when buying professional translations you can select particular expertise needed for your project. The following areas are covered:

  • Automotive/Aerospace
  • Business/Forex/Finance
  • Software/IT
  • Legal/Certificates
  • Marketing/Consumer/Media
  • CV
  • Medical
  • Patents
  • Scientific
  • Technical/Engineering
  • Gaming/Video Games
  • Adwords/Banners
  • Mobile Applications

More and more improvements coming soon. I’m pretty sure you want to become Crowdin blog subscriber and be the first news receiver.

Iryna Bilyk

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