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2023 Year in Recap: Crowdin's Highlights

15 mins read

Looking Over 2023 at Crowdin. AI trasnalation as a part of localization process

Hey! As we say bye to 2023, Crowdin wants to share a quick snapshot of our year. This article briefly examines the cool things we did – new tools, features, and some exciting moments.

We’ll tell you about the path of our AI Assistant as the best co-pilot for localization projects, professional translation memory, string-based projects, and more.

So, join us for a speedy tour of 2023 at Crowdin.

Localization and AI: Crowdin Integrates with an AI Chatbot

4 mins read

Introducing the AI chatbot App for Crowdin

Today we are happy to announce the invitation to the beta version of our new app – an AI chatbot built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API.

Large language models are the hottest topic around our newsfeeds these days. While companies are still figuring out how to use them most efficiently, it is clear that this technology will change the way people and companies work in the near future.

Crowdin has been experimenting with AI and ML for years to offer the most advanced technologies and make sure we enable our users to be most productive while doing global business.

AI chatbot built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API we’re showing today is just one of the first successful experiments we’re excited to share. This is an private beta, and you’re welcome to join.

The Year in Review: 2022 at Crowdin

11 mins read

Looking Over 2022 at Crowdin. New Features to Improve Your Localization Process

If year-end reviews have taught us anything, it’s that people enjoy quick, five-minute read summaries that condense a full year of development and accomplishments. So here it is, a short summary of 2022 at Crowdin.

This year, we’ve focused on ensuring you can make your whole company multilingual as easily as if there’s still one language. That’s why we already have 450+ apps and integrations, so in addition to localizing your product, you can automate the translation of your websites, emails, live chats, documentation and other content on your customer’s journey. We introduced quick ways to order translations right away, and so much more.

We’re thrilled to be helping more than 2 million users and thousands of projects to manage an agile localization process. Let’s take a moment to celebrate how your features and app requests help us grow, our milestones, and how Crowdin became more than a cloud-based solution for software localization

We Refreshed Crowdin’s UI

2 mins read

We Refreshed Crowdin’s UI

Redesigns are difficult yet inevitable. If you’ve been to your Crowdin project or profile recently, you should have noticed some changes. Here’s a quick look at what’s new, why we’re changing it up, and a bit of “behind the scenes” for you.

Crowdin Language Services: The Fastest Way to Make Your Content Multilingual

5 mins read

Crowdin Language Services: The Fastest Way to Make Your Content Multilingual

Our new offer – Crowdin Language Services, is the fastest way to prepare content for your multilingual audience. Along with the localization management platform, we now deliver professional translation services.

Want to reach a multilingual market? Now you have a quick and easy solution. Upload your files and order translations from a new vendor – Crowdin Language Services.

Looking Over 2021 at Crowdin

13 mins read

Looking Over 2021 at Crowdin. New Features to Improve Your Localization Process

As we approach the end of the year, everyone at Crowdin is focused on what’s next for 2022. Ambitious goals, a roster of new product updates and improvements.

This is the perfect time for us to look back and reflect on our achievements, everything we released – from custom notifications and security features to Crowdin Store with over 100 apps, plugins for localization at the design stage, and more.

Data Security: Crowdin Is Now ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

7 mins read

Data Security: Crowdin Is Now ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

Crowdin is now officially an ISO 27001-certified company.

As a team, we want to build not only a platform that will help your product reach new markets, but also be sure that your data is safe, so security plays a major role in what we do. It’s an integral part of how we work, handle customer data, and develop our product. We pay attention to hardware, organization, software, and network security to ensure your localization path at Crowdin, from registration to downloading your translations, is safe.

Read on to learn more about security at Crowdin.

Celebrating 2 Million Users

4 mins read

Celebrating 2 Million Users

We’re excited to announce Crowdin has reached 2 million users.

Along with this, we’ve achieved a great deal in the past few years. We have built many great integrations, worked with wonderful people, and helped many amazing companies.

Today people from over 170 countries use Crowdin to translate, proofread, manage localization projects, make their products multilingual, and go global.

Early-stage startups and scale-ups like Discord, GitHub, Wrike, and AssessFirst entrust their localization to our platform.

The Biggest Crowdin Releases of 2020

16 mins read

crowdin ai powered localization software

2020 has been a year of turbulent changes. Sometimes it felt like the events were unfolding with a speed you can hardly follow. Still, we’ve learned a lot and re-evaluated how we approach many things, from global problems to the routine daily workflows. What remained unchanged is the role of technology in everything we do. It has helped us collaborate on our projects wherever we are, stay flexible with our planning, and move towards our goals, no matter what.

We’d like to take a moment and look back at what our team has been onto this year. For us, it was the highest time to give you even more automation possibilities and more functionality for cross-department collaboration so that you could keep launching multilingual products in the new demanding environment with less effort.

Introducing Crowdin Store: A Marketplace of Crowdin Apps

4 mins read

Our team proudly unveils Crowdin Store, a single destination to find tools that add functionality and improve localization workflows. Crowdin app marketplace features third-party tools that will help you achieve more automation, increase productivity, collaborate better, and connect to services used across your company. Including Google Drive, HubSpot, Prismic, Typeform, DropBox, and Contentful – with more coming soon!

The most exciting part: You can build useful apps for private use or publish them on Crowdin Store to get them in front of a broad audience. Use a hundred different APIs and webhooks, any programming language, and rely on our assistance on any step.

Celebrating 100,000 Projects on Crowdin

2 mins read

We’re thrilled to share exciting news – there are 100,000 localization projects on Crowdin! Both private and public, small and bigger scale. That span across tech spheres, and are created by teams located worldwide.

It’s not only about the numbers though. This milestone hints at something much bigger – most of these projects are continuous. And it’s mind-blowing to understand how many teams and companies have set up ongoing localization cycles with Crowdin.

Meet the New Crowdin Enterprise

5 mins read

Today, we’re announcing the public beta of our new product – Crowdin Enterprise. A localization solution for your whole company, including non-technical teams. We are excited to help you gain more control over the translation process of your company’s products and related content. Streamline your complex localization workflows with Crowdin Enterprise.

Open Localization Initiative for COVID-19 Related Projects

2 mins read

In these uncertain times, we are inspired to see the open-source community come together to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Open-source teams work outside the usual arena and collaborate with scientists, journalists, and medical professionals on projects that cover a wide variety of new areas. From informational dashboards to DIY ventilator designs. And we can’t stay aside.

Crowdin launches its initiative for open-source projects that respond to COVID-19 worldwide spread and offers help with localization. If you’re part of such a project or want to help as a contributor, join us.

Join Us for GitHub Education December Contest

3 mins read

Crowdin + GitHub Education Contest

As a member of the GitHub Student Developer Pack, we are always happy to see student projects becoming multilingual with Crowdin. That’s why we’re running a contest together with GitHub Education starting December 2 until December 27, 2019.

The most active student using Crowdin for project localization receives a 100$ gift card (for App Store & iTunes or Google Play) + our cool swag. Some of the best student projects get a chance to be featured in the GitHub Student Gallery

Join the Customer Advisory Board for Crowdin Enterprise

2 mins read

Customer Advisory Board

Crowdin is a customer-driven company. Since day one our clients’ ideas and requests have been the foundation we build our product on. We decided to make this collaboration a bit more official. We’re opening registration to the Customer Advisory Board for our new product – Crowdin Enterprise, and you’re invited! Crowdin Enterprise is currently in a Private Beta and we need your help to make it public and available to all our users.

Crowdin for Students: Bring Agile Localization to the Classroom

2 mins read

Crowdin + GitHub Student Developer Pack

Crowdin joins the GitHub Student Developer Pack program to help students build software that speaks different languages. If you are a student enrolled in the Pack program, you will get a free annual subscription to Crowdin Bronze plan. Your project is open-source? Request an open-source license and use Crowdin for free forever. We love open-source philosophy and support young professionals that seek real-world experience in software localization.

Always-Available Support for All Crowdin Customers Globally

3 mins read

crowdin 24/7 support

At Crowdin we take customer support very seriously and never compromise its quality. Because offering round-the-clock support is a big undertaking, we decided to test it before going public. We’ve been silently offering 24/7 support for a couple of months to make sure everything runs smoothly. And now we’re proud to announce – every Crowdin customer can now count on quick and competent answers from our Customer Success team whenever they need us. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crowdin Expands Its Brand Vision With the Refreshed Website

4 mins read

crowdin new website

Happy to announce that we are launching an updated website as Crowdin started to refresh its overall look. New Editor was the first update we introduced and judging from the reviews made the work for translators more productive and pleasurable. And here we are again with some more exciting news – updated Crowdin website is now live and sparkling. We’d like to tell you about this new chapter of our growth and share what has changed and why.

Updates to Crowdin’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

1 min read

We’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to make them more elaborate, comprehensive and to reflect the growth of our service. These updates will come into effect on March 5, 2018, so we encourage you to review them carefully.

Crowdin Hits a Million Registered Users!

1 min read

In 2015 we were pretty excited to reach 500 000 of registered users. Well, we just reached another milestone. But we can’t really say we are happy about it. Because we are more than happy — we are thrilled! Thrilled to tell you that just in 2 years the number of registered users doubled!

Crowdin Hits Half a Million Registered Users!

1 min read

New Prices. Beta is Over. Moving to the .com Domain

2 mins read

Today we are announcing a price increase for Crowdin.

Here’s the new pricing structure:

Personal plans

Organization plans

All existing customers will be able to maintain their original prices indefinitely. Plan upgrades will be available at the new prices.

July at Crowdin

2 mins read

“Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” said unknown.

I don’t know how about you, but I would like to live in the world with no hard work at all.

The place where only positive and favourite jobs are all over the globe. Where all the time and efforts do not matter as long as the job makes you happy.

Crowdin is pleased to announce that growing number of people keep finding their favourite jobs in our company and, actually, take a chance to be absolutely completely happy with what they do even in late night hours of deadline.

Jubilee Summing up

2 mins read

Ladies and Gentlemen!

*here goes ceremonial music*

Let me announce that Crowdin is celebrating!

*ceremonial music changes to rock-n-roll :)*

Last Thursday 100,000 users considered Crowdin as the best translation management service.