Looking Over 2021 at Crowdin

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Looking Over 2021 at Crowdin. New Features to Improve Your Localization Process

As we approach the end of the year, everyone at Crowdin is focused on what’s next for 2022. Ambitious goals, a roster of new product updates and improvements.

This is the perfect time for us to look back and reflect on our achievements, everything we released – from custom notifications and security features to Crowdin Store with over 100 apps, plugins for localization at the design stage, and more.

New Milestone: 2 Million Users

We were really excited to reach 1 million registered users in 2017, but this year we’ve announced an even bigger achievement – we’ve reached 2 million users!

Currently, there are over 120 000 Crowdin localization projects created by people from over 170 countries.


2021: New Features to Improve Your Localization Process

Over the past months, we have continuously updated and created new features that make Crowdin even more effective for everyone. We always create with our customers in mind, from developers and product owners who need a user-friendly, clear, and automated way to localize their product to localization specialists who want to show the best results in terms of content quality and speed.

Let’s take a look at some primary updates over the past few months

Connecting Multiple Repositories to a Single Localization Project

Localize products like mobile apps for different platforms (Android, iOS) within just one Crowdin localization project. You can also unify placeholders and hide duplicates – all duplicates will share the same translation.

Connecting multiple repositories to a single project can also be helpful if you have a microservice architecture. For example, when hosting some parts of your application on a different repo.

Available for integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure Repos. Learn more about working with multiple repositories within one project.

Auto-approve Translations Added by Proofreaders

Proofreaders can enable the Auto-approve option in the Editor settings. This will help save some time as all new translations added by them will be automatically approved.

Auto-approve Translations Added by Proofreaders

Connect More Machine Translation Engines

In May, we released the new integration with ModernMT engine, in December — published our partner’s Intento MT Hub app. With the help of the latter, you can now use 40+ translation engines to automate the translation of your content. So now you can choose from an extensive list of MT engines. Feel free to connect a different translation engine per project, so you can have the perfect balance in speed and translation quality.

Customize Reports to View Translation Prices for Specific Users

If you have a huge localization team with translators and proofreaders and need to calculate project translation cost only for some of them, read on. To save your time, we added the ability to generate Translation Cost reports for specific users instead of all project members.

For this, select users from the Member list and click Generate. On Crowdin Enterprise, open the project > Translation cost report > Filter > Users > Apply.

One more improvement is that you can also generate Cost Estimate reports per branch and folder using Crowdin API.

Generate translation cost report for specific project members

Connect Custom Notification Channels to Crowdin

Set up custom notification channels for your account to always stay in touch with your team and project progress. Besides Slack, which you can connect right from your profile page, you can connect any messenger of your choice or some internal tool you use.

Learn how to connect a custom notification channel in Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

IP Allowlist in Crowdin Enterprise

Security at Crowdin is always our priority. In both Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise, you can control your projects and content access and be sure your data is safe.

One of the recent security features we released in 2021 is IP Allowlist for Crowdin Enterprise. It allows you to specify a list of IP addresses that are allowed to have access to your organization.

API Clients, Updated Design Plugins, Paid Apps, And Other Updates

  • New API clients. This year, we introduced Python Client and Crowdin .NET client for API v2.
  • TM metadata: You can see who and when created or changed the record, how many times it was used, and more. For this, download the TM in the TMX format.
  • Our team developed and published a few paid apps: Salesforce Experience Builder, Salesforce Knowledge, Blueshift.
  • More than 10 new versions of each design plugin: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD.
  • We published 8 interviews with localization experts, covering not only customers’ stories but also some useful tips from experienced professionals.

Crowdin Community

This year, we launched the Crowdin Community forum. It’s a place where you can ask localization and product-related questions, get answers from Crowdin users or our experts, and share your experience with others.

Crowdin Community

Crowdin Enterprise is Out of Beta

Announced last year – our Crowdin Enterprise product for businesses is finally out of beta. Throughout the months, we have continued to add new features for a more convenient and optimized workflow-driven localization process.

Crowdin Enterprise is a localization management platform for growing and big companies that need more customizable workflows, enterprise-level security, multiple connectors and add-ons, flexibility, and team cooperation.

With automation workflows, you can generate content faster and simultaneously collaborate with in-house translators, vendors, or freelancers. Everything is managed within your company’s organization. It’s a secure space for all your projects, project groups, resources, people management, and teams.

Recently, we added the ability to migrate your data from Crowdin to Crowdin Enterprise. So now you can easily export all the necessary resources from Crowdin without hundreds of manual clicks and hours spent. The migration includes your project’s content, translations, glossaries, project members, comments, and more.

If you are interested, our team is happy to help, book a personal demo.

Security: ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

At the end of this year, as a result of a complete audit, we have received ISO/IEC 27001 certification. Read more about security at Crowdin.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Continuous Localization: First E-Book by Crowdin

In our first e-book on continuous localization, we have collected our own experience and thoughts about this approach for each department and the opinions of more than 10 experts from the localization sphere.

Read if you missed it and learn how to start continuous localization at the design stage and launch several multilingual versions of your product at once.

Continuous Localization: First E-Book from Crowdin

Crowdin Store: 120+ Apps to Extend Your Localization Workflow

In 2021, we delivered many amazing apps, focusing on streamlining your localization process. With their help, you can use your favorite services like Reverso Context and FunTranslations on Crowdin without leaving the Online Editor and automate content sync from your favorite marketing tool or CMS. All in all, this year we introduced more than 50 new apps, which means a new app every week. You can see the complete list of 120+ apps on the Crowdin Store.

Crowdin Store

Meanwhile, here are some top picks:

WordPress Multilingual Plugin WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Create a multilingual WordPress website with Crowdin. Install the WMPL + Crowdin plugin to synchronize files for translation directly from your WordPress to your Crowdin localization project. See the translation status and download completed translations without leaving WPML.

Read more about the WMPL app.

Iterable Iterable

Sync your marketing content for translation from your Iterable account to your Crowdin project. This app allows you to localize:

  • Emails
  • Push notifications
  • In-app texts
  • SMS templates

Once your localization team completes their work in Crowdin, you can synchronize translations back to Iterable in a few clicks. Localized content will be available in Iterable so that you can run your multilingual marketing campaigns.

Learn more about the Iterable app.

Intercom Intercom

Localize your help center articles with Crowdin + Intercom integration. Provide help content for your customers speaking different languages. Translate your help center articles, sections, and category names into the languages that your customers speak. All you need to sync articles between Intercom and Crowdin is to install this app from Crowdin Marketplace and set it up for your localization project.

Read more about the Intercom app.

List of Crowdin Apps to Enhance Your Experience

Along with publishing connectors for your favorite tools, we’re constantly announcing new Crowdin apps, that you can use to extend Crowdin functionality to fit your workflow.

Crowdin apps

This year, we developed the following apps you can install right now:

  • TM Cleaner that can analyze your Translation Memory and find duplicated records and remove old translations. So only the latest ones are shown as TM suggestions and applied during pre-translation.

  • Custom Exporter allows you to download project translations in various formats (Android XML, iOS Strings, XLIFF) regardless of the initial source file format.

  • Screenshots Uploader app. Translators will be able to upload screenshots from the Editor, paste screenshots from the clipboard history (no need to save screenshots on the device), and edit screenshots before uploading.

  • We also launched apps such as Suggestions Diff Checker, Raw Report Data App, and Translation Time Tracker.

Build Your Own Apps to Use in Crowdin

You do not need to create custom workflows or features for every localization project, you can create an application to use in future localization projects. Moreover, you can share it with a community of other Crowdin users. Our team is happy to provide technical assistance to simplify this process.

We’re always happy to publish and promote apps created by our partners. So we made it easier for you to create a Crowdin app. We created a template and described how to get started. All you need is to write the code for Crowdin interaction with your service. We also created the Crowdin Apps Functions library with utility functions to help you quickly create your own Crowdin App.

Develop Crowdin apps, and feel free to contact us if you have any related unanswered questions.

Let’s Grow Localization Industry in 2022 Together

We hope you enjoyed 2021. Thank you for 120 000 created localization projects, joining our Crowdin Community, inviting people to our platform, and being part of our year. You always played a huge role in shaping Crowdin. Keep the feedback coming on Twitter and personal demos, so we can keep improving and strengthening our localization platform in 2022.

Have a fantastic holiday season! May health, success, and happiness follow you every day in 2022.

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