Celebrating 2 Million Users

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Celebrating 2 Million Users

We’re excited to announce Crowdin has reached 2 million users.

Along with this, we’ve achieved a great deal in the past few years. We have built many great integrations, worked with wonderful people, and helped many amazing companies.

Today people from over 170 countries use Crowdin to translate, proofread, manage localization projects, make their products multilingual, and go global.

Early-stage startups and scale-ups like Discord, GitHub, Wrike, and AssessFirst entrust their localization to our platform.

Reflecting on Today

Each created project gives us motivation and confidence that we do our job right.

Currently, there are over 120 000 created projects on Crowdin and new organizations created on Crowdin Enterprise every day.

As we grow, we change. Based on our users’ constant feedback, we have consistently released updates in the form of fixes, enhancements, new features and apps. To learn more, visit our monthly updates page, where we summarize the latest product updates each month.

Here are just a few important changes and updates since our celebration of a million registered users:

Timeline from 1 to 2 million Crowdin users

Try Crowdin Enterprise

Our company has expanded during this period and now has two separate products – Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise.

Last year, we introduced Crowdin Enterprise for growing and big companies that need more customizable workflows, enterprise-level security, multiple connectors and add-ons, flexibility, and team cooperation.

You can translate your projects using automation workflows to get faster content turnaround and simultaneously cooperate with in-house translators, vendors, or freelancers. Everything is now managed within your company’s Organization. It’s a secure space for all your projects, project groups, resources, people management, and teams.

People Talking About Their Experience

“Crowdin Enterprise helped us streamline our localization process through an easy-to-use, intuitive, and feature-rich platform that’s very suitable for companies that need to get started in the field. What stood out the most was the incredibly fast support responses we got that helped us solve any problem we encountered. Highly recommend!”
Vincent Khadige, ClickUp

“Crowdin has been a huge help to our open-source community as we localize our curriculum into many world languages. Their customizable workflows have made it much easier for us to coordinate our translation effort. So far, more than 100 volunteers have contributed, thanks to Crowdin’s ease-of-use and intuitive contributor experience.”
Quincy Larson, freeCodeCamp

“We are long time users of Crowdin. They provide a flexible platform for streamlining localization projects with numerous integration options and automation capabilities. As we transition to their enterprise solution, Crowdin support never lets you down when a question arises. They are also great partners as we collaborate on enhancements and features. I can’t say enough good things about Crowdin!”
Roy Duvall, Calendly

“With Crowdin Enterprise, we found a solution that helped us leverage our crypto offering to the next level. We are based in Switzerland but would like to enable access to digital assets to as many as possible throughout the world - the demand for multi-language is therefore high. With the automated integrations and workflows that Crowdin provides, this project was a breeze and led to a great client experience in their language of choice.”
Gianni Rüegg, Bitcoin Suisse

Thank you for choosing Crowdin for your localization projects and going global with us!

Localize your product and go global

Automate localization in your own way, within our secure cloud environment.
Diana Voroniak

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