The Year in Review: 2022 at Crowdin

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Looking Over 2022 at Crowdin. New Features to Improve Your Localization Process

If year-end reviews have taught us anything, it’s that people enjoy quick, five-minute read summaries that condense a full year of development and accomplishments. So here it is, a short summary of 2022 at Crowdin.

This year, we’ve focused on ensuring you can make your whole company multilingual as easily as if there’s still one language. That’s why we already have 450+ apps and integrations, so in addition to localizing your product, you can automate the translation of your websites, emails, live chats, documentation and other content on your customer’s journey. We introduced quick ways to order translations right away, and so much more.

We’re thrilled to be helping more than 2 million users and thousands of projects to manage an agile localization process. Let’s take a moment to celebrate how your features and app requests help us grow, our milestones, and how Crowdin became more than a cloud-based solution for software localization

Crowdin in 2022 in the Numbers

Crowdin in 2022 in the Numbers

Crowdin Became a CMS for Localization Texts

More and more teams want to work together to create and manage UI texts, so Crowdin has added several features to make it easier to do so. These features transform Crowdin into a comprehensive content management system (CMS), giving teams the tools they need to efficiently collaborate on localization projects and manage their multilingual content.

Multilingual View: Collaborate and Make Large Project Management Simpler

Multilingual view in Crowdin is a feature that allows users to see and work on multiple language versions of a project simultaneously. Say goodbye to outdated copies scattered across documents, sheets, mockups, and more. All the text and all languages are available on one page, and what’s more important, it can be managed directly by a responsible content writer, manager, or marketer. As a result, a simple action, such as fixing a UI text, became super fast.

Crowdin in 2022 in the Numbers

Bundles: Export/Import Strings in Any File Format

Crowdin Bundles feature allows you to use Crowdin as a CMS for your user interface (UI) labels. You can create and translate UI labels in Crowdin, and then use Bundles to generate resource files containing the labels that are ready to be included in your app builds. Bundles support a variety of platforms and can create resource files for all modern mobile and web technologies. This makes it easy to manage and translate your UI labels across all of your products.

Localize your product with Crowdin

Crowdin’s Ecosystem: 450+ Apps Milestone

Crowdin Store is getting bigger and bigger. In 2022, we hit the milestone of 450+ apps, which is almost 4 times more than we had in 2021. This might be the biggest ecosystem of localization-related apps and connectors available today.

Crowdin's Ecosystem: 450+ Apps Milestone

We will continue to invest consistently in Crowdin Store to help you import all translations into the code in a few clicks, synchronize your content between any CMS, marketing, customer service, design, or any other tool you use, increase the productivity of your team, and much more.

Now, our store includes:

Can’t find the app you’re interested in? Click on the Request an integration available on the list after the search is done.

Want to Become a Part of Crowdin Store?

This year we created a new resource – Developer Portal. Here you can find details about CLI, API, dev tools, and, most importantly – how you can develop and publish apps for Crowdin. It can be an integration with your favorite tool where your content lives, an extension for the editor to ensure higher translators’ productivity, and more. Need more information? Fill in the form to become a Crowdin Integration Partner.

Make Your Whole Business Multilingual

Technology companies can be less effective if they use outdated management approaches, such as localization that relies on a “final document” to be translated. However, in the newest technology companies, there is rarely a final document, as content is constantly changing and is often created in separate systems (not word files).

That’s where Crowdin comes in. Our ecosystem of connectors automates most of your localization tasks, making it easy for all departments to integrate localization into their workflows and synchronize all content without any delays. In addition to streamlining the localization process, Crowdin can also facilitate the creation of a multilingual ecosystem.

In 2022, there were several cases when the company localized its whole ecosystem (product and all the plugins, extensions, and add-ons. For example, businesses that made their ecosystem multilingual with Crowdin include:

  • continuous integration (CI) system
  • customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • software as a service (SaaS) product
  • content management system (CMS)

In 2023, we hope to facilitate the creation of more multilingual ecosystems and will be publishing case studies to share best practices on this topic in the near future.

“I began my first experiments with the integration of TYPO3 Core itself. I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of the support and the superfast feedback. Features (like automated content delivery, easier context providing) I needed within Crowdin itself have been provided to ease the integration and ensure quick and easy localization of TYPO and 100+ of our plugins.” says Georg Ringer, developer at TYPO3, at our customer story about how TYPO3 uses Crowdin to make their business multilingual.

Localize your product with Crowdin

More Insights: Crowdin at 2022

More Insights: Crowdin at 2022

Crowdin Customer Stories

Do you find it harder to believe the marketing messages you see daily in this noisy world? We too. That’s why we love creating engaging customer stories that cover use cases and their solutions. We interviewed customers of different business types, industries, challenges, and needs to help you visualize exactly how you might benefit from choosing Crowdin products, answering the question, “would it work for us?”.

This year, we published a bunch of interviews and case studies to tell you about localization at:

  • SCS Software (Game and Steam Store localization)
  • iLovePDF (Product and marketing content localization)
  • GrandPad (Product, website and mobile app localization)
  • and more

“Crowdin gave us the ability to implement localization into the entire platform development process.” Earl Chen, Chief Technology Officer at GrandPad

Crowdin Language Services: One-Click Translation Orders

Hiring professional translators can save you time by providing accurate and efficient translations, working quickly on tight deadlines, and ensuring the accuracy of your translations without the need to do it yourself or train someone in-house to do it. This can be a valuable investment that can save you time, effort, and hassle in the long run.

That’s why this year, we presented our new offer – Crowdin Language Services. This is the fastest way to prepare content for your multilingual audience. Want to reach a multilingual market? Upload your files and order translations from a new vendor – Crowdin Language Services.

Localize your product with Crowdin

Introducing Crowdin Youtube Channel

Welcome to the official Crowdin channel on YouTube. Here you will find videos about our platform, webinar recordings, and how to set up integrations from Crowdin Store. Learn how to boost your localization speed and improve the quality of your translation workflow.

Don’t forget to subscribe and comment to let us know what you think.

Final Words

As you can see, Crowdin has expanded significantly during the past 12 months. So what’s next for 2023? We have a lot planned on the product side, with new features and integrations, as well as focus on building out our teams.

We’d love to hear from our customers about what Crowdin features or posts helped them the most in 2022. Share yours on social media or Crowdin Community. We appreciate your continued support, and we’re always looking forward to hearing from you.

Localize your product with Crowdin

Automate content updates, boost team collaboration, and reach new markets faster.
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