How GrandPad Powers Localization with Crowdin

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How GrandPad Powers Localization with Crowdin

To connect more than 1.4 million seniors, families, friends, and caregivers in all 50 states of the USA and 120 countries worldwide, GrandPad relies on the Crowdin localization management platform. By utilizing a combination of machine engine pre-translation, professional translation services, and content delivery automation, GrandPad has been able to scale its growth while maintaining a personalized approach and close relationship with its customers.

In this article, we’ll cover the story of how GrandPad uses Crowdin to grow their business, succeed in their tablet and two mobile app localization into 30+ languages and launch the product in 120 countries.

Saying Goodbye to the Manual Localization Process

To achieve the results we mentioned earlier, GrandPad works with a few teams of translators across different countries and timezones. One of their localization goals is to deliver timely localization of all tablet UI copy, web portal content, and two mobile apps.

GrandPad multilingual product: tablet UI

The manual localization process the GrandPad team implemented earlier relied heavily on the manual file transferring between developers, managers, and translators. As the company has grown in employees and customers, product updates become more often. As a result, the team struggled to keep up with the release cycles. In the meantime, the more languages they added, the harder it became to track the progress and find the untranslated strings.

Using Crowdin, a cloud-based localization management solution, GrandPad successfully integrated localization into their development process and pushed their efficiency to new heights. For example, now the GrandPad’s team can track all localization tasks with the help of Crowdin tasks, a progress bar for each language, the activity history, and a filter option. With the help of these and other management features like reports, you can scale your project management process to levels you have never seen before.

“We really loved the way that we could integrate with the Crowdin platform, the simplicity of the translation workflow we set up, and the capabilities that It gave us.” Earl Chen, Chief Technology Officer at GrandPad

Localize your product with Crowdin

Setting Up The Localization Process with Crowdin

GrandPad was looking for a solution that would let the managers and internal and external team members control the localization workflow instead of relying on the developer’s input. As the team began researching and testing tools, they quickly identified Crowdin as a solution.

“We’ve completely integrated Crowdin into our working process, and we’re excited to continue adding more languages” Earl Chen, Chief Technology Officer at GrandPad

GrandPad Setting Up The Localization Process with Crowdin

Now the GrandPad sets the localization process at Crowdin that helps them effectively localize their product while maintaining high-quality translation. The roadmap of their working process at Crowdin includes:

  • Pre-translation by a machine translation engine. The pre-translation step helps to speed up the translation process and ease the work of translators.
  • Translation and proofreading by professional translation vendors.
  • Integration with the development tools. Thanks to a customized build process that’s based on the Bamboo tool and is integrated with Crowdin, the GrandPad team can easily keep content at Crowdin up-to-date with branches on your repo and receive translations as a pull request.

Find out more information about the localization process by reading the full GrandPad case study.

Remain Top-Notch Localization Quality Even as Volume Grows

By using Crowdin, GrandPad has been able to remove the unnecessary manual actions and turn towards automation of most processes connected to localization. As a result, they are not only able to reach new customers and improve the personal experience for the existing users, but to reallocate their team resources to continue their growth and speed release cycles without needless stress and time pressure for the entire team.

Make your product multilingual with Crowdin

More about the way GrandPad localizes their tablet, mobile apps, and web portal into 40 enabled languages in the full customer story.
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