How Linearity Achieved Over 50% Time Savings with Crowdin and Storyblok Integration

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AI Translation: No Quality Loss. Linearity Systems Content Localization

Linearity, the leading marketing design platform, has elevated its localization game by seamlessly integrating Crowdin and Storyblok. This strategic alliance has not only streamlined their content localization process but has also significantly enhanced efficiency and user experience.




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Berlin, Germany


Linearity employs a robust translation approach, utilizing a combination of Crowdin and Storyblok for efficient content localization. Storyblok serves as the Content Management System (CMS) for website content, while Crowdin seamlessly integrates with Storyblok, streamlining the translation process and ensuring linguistic accuracy.



  • Chinese and Spanish localization
  • 2 times faster localization process

Challenges Faced

Before embracing the Crowdin and Storyblok integration, Linearity encountered challenges in managing multilingual content efficiently. The need for a user-friendly and intuitive solution prompted them to explore alternatives.

Why Crowdin and Storyblok?

Linearity found the perfect synergy between Crowdin and Storyblok, making it the ideal choice for their localization needs. The robust multilingual functionality of Storyblok, coupled with Crowdin’s powerful translation memory features, presented an unbeatable combination.

See Crowdin in action and get a glimpse of how to create localization project and use AI for translations.

Streamlining Website Content

Utilizing Storyblok as their Content Management System (CMS), Linearity seamlessly uploads and manages website content. The integration with Crowdin ensures a smooth translation process, allowing for efficient collaboration with their team of translators.

“The integration of Crowdin and Storyblok has revolutionized our content localization process. Thanks to Storyblok, its multilingual feature, and the Crowdin app, we can now sync content effortlessly, reducing manual efforts and saving valuable time for other tasks.” Sam Eckert, Design, Product & Strategy Lead at Linearity

AI-Powered Pre-Translation

Linearity is on the cutting edge by exploring AI (ChatGPT) within Crowdin. This innovative feature holds the potential to further streamline most companies’ content localization process.

“The prospect of leveraging AI for pre-translation is intriguing. If it can simplify our technical content localization process, it would be a game-changer for us.” Sam Eckert, Design, Product & Strategy Lead at Linearity

Results and Benefits:

The integration of Crowdin and Storyblok has yielded substantial benefits for Linearity, including:

  • Over 50% time-saving in the localization process.

localization strategy

Why Recommend Crowdin and Storyblok?

For Linearity, the standout feature is the unparalleled ease of use offered by Storyblok. The seamless integration with Crowdin eliminates errors during copy-pasting, ensuring a flawless and efficient localization workflow.

“The ease of use is crucial for us. Crowdin Storyblok app simplifies the intricate process of localization, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring a seamless workflow.” Sam Eckert, Design, Product & Strategy Lead at Linearity

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Linearity’s success story with Crowdin and Storyblok serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic integrations in the localization landscape. As they continue to push boundaries in software engineering, their experience highlights the significance of user-friendly tools in achieving seamless multilingual experiences.

About Crowdin:

Crowdin is an AI-powered localization platform that empowers teams to manage and automate the translation of their content. With a robust set of features and 600+ apps, Crowdin simplifies the localization process, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for businesses worldwide.

About Storyblok:

Storyblok is a headless Content Management System (CMS) that provides a flexible and intuitive solution for managing digital content. Its powerful features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline content creation and localization.

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