MT Translation: 3 Times Cheaper, 2 Times Faster, No Quality Loss. Ajax Systems Localization

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AI Translation: No Quality Loss. Ajax Systems Content Localization

In the fast-changing global business world, making your message clear in different languages is crucial. Ajax Systems, a tech company, is an excellent example of how smart tech can make this process easier and cheaper.

Ajax Systems used to do translations using another localization tool. But then, they decided to try something new and found Crowdin. They started using machines to help with translations, making things much faster and cheaper without losing the quality.

In this case study, we’ll examine how Ajax Systems changed its translation process using Crowdin integrated with DeepL Translate, Reverso, and OpenAI.

So, come along as we explore how Ajax Systems’ localization team made the translation process, more innovative and more efficient.



  • Translated to 11 languages: marketing content (email campaigns, slogans, presentations, blog), Ajax Academy, and technical documentation
  • 2 times faster localization thanks to automation (MT, TM)
  • 3 times less costly while upholding high standards

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is Europe’s largest developer and manufacturer of professional security systems with smart home capabilities. Founded in 2011, the company has experienced rapid growth and is now recognized as an international leader in the security industry.

MT-Driven Translation: 2 Times Faster

Ajax Systems decided to improve its translation process in a localization field where accuracy and precision are super important. They integrated machine translation (MT) and human skills, ensuring most of the work was automated. This change made the translation process faster and reduced the translation cost, but most importantly – the translators could skip routine translations and dedicate more time and effort to translating challenging content.

“Using DeepL for Machine Translation reduced our processing time by half, ensuring both efficiency and security, as there’s no need for manual copying and pasting. Plus, DeepL learns while we use it, so it’s perfect for ongoing projects.” Olena, Localization Team Lead at Ajax Systems

MT Translation: 2 Times Faster

Localization at Ajax Systems: A Dynamic Approach

The transition from conventional localization methodologies to an MT-integrated approach involved multiple steps. Ajax Systems leveraged the services of Crowdin Enterprise, a versatile platform for managing translations and localization projects. With Crowdin’s user-friendly interface and robust tools, the company orchestrated a seamless workflow that prominently featured Machine Translation, with human editing and cultural adaptation playing complementary roles.

The Power of Machine Translation and AI: 3 Times Cheaper

Ajax Systems took a smart approach to localization by using a powerful tool called Machine Translation (MT), specifically DeepL. This MT tool was crucial in creating clear and accurate content, bridging the gap between languages. This approach helped Ajax Systems speed up content creation and translation while maintaining high quality.

They didn’t stop there. Ajax Systems also added an AI Assitant app that combines Crowdin and OpenAI. While their team is testing it and hoping to make it a part of their regular workflow, Crowdin keeps working on improving AI every week.

AI has an advantage over Machine Translation because it can understand and translate text based on context. This makes the localization process even more efficient and translations more context-aware. As a result, Ajax Systems cut down on translation expenses by three times by working smartly with machine translation, artificial intelligence, and human assistance.

Machine Translation and AI: 3 Times Cheaper

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Short Approach Overview: Translation Memory and Reverso Tool

Ajax Systems’ localization strategy operates seamlessly through the synergy of technology and humans. Let’s break down their approach step by step:

Dedicated Localization Team

Ajax Systems has a skilled team that covers their localization needs, including translators, local partners, localization managers, and a team lead, who ensure the quality of translations. These managers oversee tasks like proofreading source and final texts, content filtering, and project management.

Crowdin Enterprise for Project Management

Each team member manages their projects within groups in Crowdin Enterprise. This allows for a customized workflow tailored to individual preferences and project requirements.

Efficiency with Workflows

Ajax Systems employs workflows to optimize its localization processes. These workflows act as structured guidelines, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow for the team.

Translation Memory for Speed

The backbone of Ajax Systems’ localization efficiency is Translation Memory (TM), together with the skilled team that can utilize it productively. TM is like a super-fast translator that remembers previously translated phrases and sentences. And the key to the translation memory (TM) doing a good job is that the team adds quality translations to it. By reusing these translations, Ajax Systems achieves localization at twice the speed of non-tech-powered methods.

Special Attention to Vendor Projects

For their translation agency, Ajax Systems maintains a separate project. This ensures a seamless partnership and collaborative work on translation projects.

“If we need to engage with external resources, using Crowdin functionality, we can easily create a new project and, if necessary, segregate it.” Olena, Localization Team Lead at Ajax Systems

Maintaining Consistency

To ensure consistency and accuracy in their translations, Ajax Systems actively utilizes and updates their Style Guide and Glossary. These tools act as rulebooks and dictionaries, keeping translations aligned with the company’s standards.

Enhancing Language Accuracy

Ajax Systems uses integration with Reverso Context, a robust linguistic tool. This integration helps improve language accuracy and context awareness, making translations even more precise.

“The primary reason for choosing Crowdin is its simple interface, numerous integrations, and all-in-one solution that includes resources, glossaries, translation memory, and a global community of collaborators,” Olena, Localization Team Lead at Ajax Systems.

Ajax Systems: Transforming Localization with Tech

Ajax Systems’ localization journey reflects their dedication to efficiency and innovation. They’ve revamped their approach, embracing modern tools with impressive results.

From MT integration to streamlined workflows, Ajax Systems has redefined localization. Their smart approach accelerates processes and reduces costs.

Now confidently operating in 11 languages, Ajax Systems is set for a more innovative, connected security and automation technology future, with AI on the horizon. Crowdin does a good job for Ajax Systems because they have clear ways of working and skillfully use the provided functionality. Also, the team is open to giving feedback on features, which helps make things work better for both, Crowdin and Ajax Systems.

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