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“Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” said unknown.

I don’t know how about you, but I would like to live in the world with no hard work at all.

The place where only positive and favourite jobs are all over the globe. Where all the time and efforts do not matter as long as the job makes you happy.

Crowdin is pleased to announce that growing number of people keep finding their favourite jobs in our company and, actually, take a chance to be absolutely completely happy with what they do even in late night hours of deadline.

Here they are:


Quality Assurance Engineer, the guy with fundamental scientific and technical background.

By controlling quality of the new things, Taras will bring us possibility to rollout new awesomeness even more often.

Likes: sports (ping-pong particularly), little children and to sing. University teacher in the past.


Junior Backend Developer, code wonderful codes, develop technical miracles and always makes his codes keep up to Quality Assurance requirements.

Counter-Strike player, became programer because needed a program that will calculate radical of quadratic equation.


Head Representative Manager, responsible for communications and public relations, makes everybody love Crowdin with all their souls, knows everything about effective sales strategies.

One of the best swimmers in Ukraine, real champ, ex AT&T guy, likes to travel and eats a lot of ice-cream.


Protocol Droid, knows all the languages (I mean it - all of them), spells all the words correctly and makes the force to be with Crowdin ;)

Diplomat, takes pics with all the people that come to visit Crowdin, very polite.

How can fit the office now? I hope you ask.

It is pretty clear… We simply don’t :) The office grew twice its size, so each of us can have comfortable place to get things done. If you are willing to get closer to wonderful Crowdin people…

…you are welcome to subscribe.

Iryna Bilyk

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