New Prices. Beta is Over. Moving to the .com Domain

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Today we are announcing a price increase for Crowdin.

Here’s the new pricing structure:

Personal plans

Organization plans

All existing customers will be able to maintain their original prices indefinitely. Plan upgrades will be available at the new prices.

If you currently have a free trial account with us, we recommend to buy the subscription before Sep 1st 2014.

Beta is Over

Crowdin goes out of beta still having “Beta Features”.

Why Crowdin is still “beta” was probably the most common question we were getting from our customers. The answer is simple: we were doing lots of research and experiments while developing the tool.

Back then, when we started, most of the Crowdin users were tech-geeks and adding new features was more important than stable solution, so the “beta” label was completely OK.

But now, when we’re hosting over 11,000 localization projects and have more than 250,000 registered users, the stable and reliable solution is the requirement.

Do not worry, we still will continue to experiment and innovate. But the process changes a bit.

From now, all of the Crowdin users will get only stable features. If you would like to get the latest features we’re working on, can join our Beta Program.

.net → .com

We also move from domain to This migration should not affect you much, the API calls will still work with the old domain. When accessing Crowdin via browser you will be redirected automatically. The only thing, if you have email filters configured you need to change the domain name there.

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch.

Iryna Bilyk

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