Jubilee Summing up

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

*here goes ceremonial music*

Let me announce that Crowdin is celebrating!

*ceremonial music changes to rock-n-roll :)*

Last Thursday 100,000 users considered Crowdin as the best translation management service.

Could we be more excited?

Hopefully yes, but only in case there will be one million of customers that are kindly come to Crowdin to make the localization more comfortable and smooth to accomplish.

Here is really the place for summing up what we did by today.

From the first customer to the 100,000th one we actively practice the customer centric approach, improve the service and trying to be as much into what we do as it ever can be possible.

We developed a lot from the ancient days of the first customer appearance, become more technically mature and came across challenges that were used for improvements. Now we are what we are - the company with the 100,000 users, no less no more. I’m pretty confident that all the innovations we provide have changed the way people localize.

Aren’t we rock?

Here is also the place to share what is coming next.

But shhhhh… You need to keep it secret we do not want any other non-crowdin-blog-reader to find the staff out… :) Just kidding, of course, tell everybody and make them subscribe, no one should miss a chance to know what is new at Crowdin.

So the brand new, extremely helpful and probably even free pilot project coming next.


You should be, indeed. Especially if you are college or university involved.

We have already started it in Ukraine and it went very well, so far. The main point is to give the special academic license to students and instructors that are interested in new generation localization and translation tool. Crowdin is already included to educational program of Ukrainian universities.

So, get yourself up and running forward Crowdin.The really great things are made in here. Become the millionth customer and we will send you a really awesome crowdin-styled greeting card:)


P.S. Remember to subscribe, please.

Iryna Bilyk

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